XSNews Review with 30% Coupon – Best bang for your buck?

XSNews or XS News is based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and is a reasonably known Usenet provider for over a decade now, locally and internationally. With the emphasis on quality, simplicity and customer satisfaction they promise an excellent Usenet experience. In this review, the ELITE package has been tested. Packages / Price & Coupon Code XSNews…

What the Data Mining Industry Really Does

What do you know about the data mining industry? It’s no secret that businesses have information about you, but most people don’t know how they get it or how much they have. Here are a few things about the data mining industry that you might find interesting if you enjoy having privacy. Estimated Value Before…

What Is The Internet Of Everything?

As most are aware, the Internet is a global network of servers and personal computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.); it allows humans to access and transmit information anywhere in the world. The Internet of Everything takes this one step further. Whereas humans have traditionally been the ones behind the wheel, the Internet of…

War: Hackers Strike Hard Against RIAA Ally

Copyright infringement monitors are the latest target of a well-organized, motivated hacking group.

The group calling itself the MediaDefender-Defenders (MDD) has, as promised, struck again, this time leaking what appears to be the full, uncompiled source code to anti-piracy watchdog MediaDefender’s toolset.

MediaDefender’s software is used internally on behalf of clients like the RIAA and Sony BMG to control the illegal distribution of copyright movies, music and other media online. One company e-mail, leaked last Saturday, detailed the performance of the company’s attempts to poison the distribution of pirated copies of “Spiderman 3” just days after its theatrical release.