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Already for years, Eweka is a news server icon in the Netherlands. You get unlimited downloading with several parallels connections. Despite the already appealing prices, from us, you get a Free Upgrade on top of that.

For years Eweka has been the most popular and appreciated Dutch news server. They were founded in 2001 and are based in Amsterdam. They own their own datacenter and network of POP locations. The best way to download Eweka is with Spotnet.

Price / Packages

Eweka offers three packages to choose from. Besides the price the only differences between the packages are speed, the number of connections and account sharing.

Package configuration

All three packages offer the following:

  • Unlimited access
  • 3277 days retention
  • Maximum 8 or 20 parallel connections depending on the package
  • SSL protection
  • No usage limit
  • No contracts
  • Email support

Eweka packages

 Standard AccountHigh Speed AccountSubscription Account
50 Mbps - €7,50300 Mbps - €9,60300 Mbps - €7,50
Up to 3094 days retentionVVV
Access to all available newsgroupsVVV
High quality world-wide newsfeed exchangeVVV
Super fast privately owned 600 gigabit/s backboneVVV
Optimal completion of over 99.5%VVV
No usage limitsVVV
Respect for your privacyVVV
Number of connections per account82020
Access to online control panelVVV
Support via emailVVV
Account sharing allowedV

Payment options

There are a lot of payment options to choose from: According to Eweka you can also pay by credit card:

Use PlaySpan to make payments with your Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club or JCB credit card. Payments are processed immediately.

In order to perform a PlaySpan payment, you will need to request a payment link from My Eweka.

The ordering process

According to Eweka:

A valid e-mail address is the most important item you will need to provide. All correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address that you use to register your account.

Of course you may complete all fields. For payment and account verification, it is useful to provide your last id, telephone number and bank account number.

Connectivity / Settings 

  • Address: newsreader.eweka.nl
  • SSL address: sslreader.eweka.nl
  • SSL ports: 563 and 443
  • Port: 119
  • Maximum connections: 8 or 20*
  • Retention: 3094 days
    *depends on the package

It is not difficult to configure Eweka with Spotnet. You have to do one simple step in the Spotnet provider settings: filling out the above-mentioned data. In case you encounter problems with Spotnet and you are still using the old version 1.8, it is recommended to download the newest Spotnet 2.0.


They offer a speed of 50 Mbit/s or 300 Mbit/s per Usenet account depending on the package. Especially with the top package, this is a serious speed. Of course, the maximum speed also depends on your internet provider subscription.

Retention & download completion

Eweka has a super good retention, even in comparison with the most expensive Usenet providers. An impressive nine years, they store their files.

The download completion score of Eweka is 75%, which is a good score. Once in a while, we encountered an incomplete file, but generally, they loaded very well.

Reasons to choose Eweka

Why choose Eweka?

It is recommended to choose Eweke for the following reasons:

  • When you can’t or don’t want to pay with PayPal, bank transfer or credit card
  • If you would like to have Usenet account sharing. Maximum 8 or 20 devices can be connected simultaneously (the number depends on the package)
  • Free of charge upgrade to 300Mbit/s. We provide a free upgrade to 300 Mbit/s. This means you only pay €7,50  instead of €9,60 per month.

Why not choose Eweka?

  • When your internet connection is faster than 300 Mbit/s. In order to test your connection, use speedtest.net. Eweka costs €7,5 times 12 = €90 per year. So, if you have higher download capabilities, you can choose better alternatives for approximately the same amount of money.

You could choose for example one of the fastest pay servers or a cheaper news server. In this case, they offer more value for your money. Many Usenet servers offer free trials.

 Use the 300 Mbit/s promo action. You will get a gift if you share with us your experience by sending us an email: We will give you free access to the beta version of Usenet.


  • Many different payment options
  • 8 or 20 parallel connections (dep. on the package
  • Free upgrade to 300 Mbit/s


  • If your download speed is higher than 300 Mbps, there are better alternatives for about the same fee

Order Eweka

Summary: Already for years, Eweka is a news server icon in the Netherlands. You get unlimited downloading with several parallels connections. Despite the already appealing prices, from us, you get a Free Upgrade on top of that.

$7.5 to $9.6
RatingRated 4 stars

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