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Already for years, Newshosting is one of the best Usenet providers. With the lightning download speeds, great download completion and a super high retention, you get a lot of value for your money. Besides that, you get the lowest price.

Newshosting is a Usenet provider founded and based in the US. It has been our favorite since 2012 and is still rocking today.

It’s a Usenet provider with the best value for money. Recently they included a free VPN service in their top package, so the value keeps increasing.

Price / Packages

Newshosting offers users a choice of three Usenet plans. The two high-end plans contain all the features of the entry plan, called Lite. If you can’t decide which plans to choose you can fill in a couple of short questions of the Usenet Plan Customizer on their website and they will recommend which plan fits best to your needs.

ShareConnector Special Discount Plan

Newshosting has put together a special plan which is only $8,33 per month (with yearly payment) for the unlimited program plus free VPN service on top. That is over 50% discount. This is by far the best value plan, but you can only get it following the Special program link below the article.

Newshosting packages

 ShareConnector DiscountLiteUnlimitedXL Powerpack
Plan price per month$8.33$10$12.95$15.83
Payment periodYearlyMonthly YearlyYearly
Free trial of 14 days / 30 GBXVVV
Newshosting newsgroup browserFREEFreeFreeFree
Over 3283 days retentionVVVV
Usenet data transferUnlimited50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
100,000 + uncensored newsgroupsVVVV
Optimal completion of over 99.5%VVVV
256-bit SSL encryptionVVVV
VPN serviceFree4.994.99Free
Free Easynews account with 10 GBXXXV
24/7 supportVVVV

The 14-day free trial plan is basically the XL Powerpack plan with a 30 GB data limit. More than enough to test this kick-ass Usenet service. A credit card or PayPal is required to register, however, there is no charge if you cancel before the 14 days are over or before 30GB of downloaded data.

Everything is quick and easy to arrange as shown in the screenshot below. No questions asked if you decide to cancel. Read also about other free Usenet trials, so you can compare with other providers.

best usenet provider

Control panel

Payment options

The number of payment options are rather limited. They only accept credit cards and PayPal.

Newshosting Usenet browser

Newshosting’s own interface is arguably the most valuable feature they offer. It is a state of the art interface which even your grandmother can use and find and download content with. It is that intuitively and easy to use.

This beautiful app runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. It comes free with every plan. It has a built in Google-like search function and you can even see video previews and thumbnail images.

The automated search function finds, for example, the latest episodes of your favorite TV-show automatically. The app lets you determine download times and subscribe to newsgroups. It even monitors how much data you have used.

This all-in-one app makes it easy for Usenet newbies to start. But it also offers a lot of flexibility and advanced settings for advanced users. Convince yourself and look at the browser demo video below:


Connectivity and Configuration

For the Newshosting Usenet browser, no configuration is necessary; it is just plug-and-play. But if you would like to use your own favorite news reader, we have listed the configuration settings for you. The service also works well with for example SABnzbd and

  • Address:
  • Connections: 30
  • Ports: 119, 23, 25, 80, 3128
  • SSL ports: 443, 563

Depending on your location or preferences, for example, IPv6 or not, you can choose alternative servers:

  • IPv6 server:
  • US IPv4 server:
  • US IPv6 server:
  • Europe IPv4 server:
  • Europe IPv6 server:

Speed & Retention

Newshosting is one of the best services with regards to retention. They offer over 3283 retention days with regards to binary retention and over 1400 days of content retention.

From our experience, just 7 connections were enough to constantly max out the 300 Mbit/s cable connection. We had no problems with incomplete data so in terms of completion rate Newshosting is reliable as well. We were able to download high retention files above 2900 days.

The beauty is that you can experience all this yourself and test Newshosting without spending a penny.

To find content easier choose one of the best NZB search engines that are available today.

VPN Service

If you want to know what VPN exactly is, then read the article in the link. Or compare Newshosting’s VPN service with the best VPN services on the market in 2017.

Operating Systems

The high-end plan, XL Powerpack, comes with a free VPN service. The Newshosting VPN can be installed on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. It can be turned on and off in the Newshosting Usenet browser, so you don’t need a separate app if you use a desktop.

If you use a mobile device you will have to manually setup your VPN connection.


Newshostings VPN lets you choose between 70 servers in 17 countries. It uses the ultra fast and popular OpenVPN protocol, besides L2TP and PPTP manual connections. In general, we recommend the OpenVPN protocol, which is usually also the fastest and the safest.


You can connect up to 2 devices to the Newshosting’s VPN service, which is not much compared to the standard 5 or 6 with other VPN services. But you get unlimited server switching, data transfers, and bandwidth. All in all, it is a very decent VPN service which will greatly enhance your security while downloading on Usenet.

Reasons to choose Newshosting

We liked

  • Excellent interface
  • 30 GB free trial
  • Great retention time
  • Free SSL encryption
  • VPN connection
  • Very high completion rate
  • High speed

We didn’t like

  • Limited payment methods
  • No real time customer support


Users that are looking for the best possible Usenet experience, should take a good look at Newshosting. The value they offer with the included VPN service, Usenet browser and unlimited speed is unmatched.

If you took the Newshosting trial, make sure to cancel it timely and get the unlimited account at over 50% off.

This is an exclusive offer and not available through the free Usenet trial.

In case you are from the Netherlands, Eweka is a solid Dutch Usenet provider. It is based in Amsterdam and very popular over there.


  • Lightning fast downloading
  • Highest retention in the industrie
  • Free VPN-service
  • Free Usenet-browser


  • You cannot pay with iDeal

Order Newshosting

Summary: Already for years, Newshosting is one of the best Usenet providers. With the lightning download speeds, great download completion and a super high retention, you get a lot of value for your money. Besides that, you get the lowest price.

$8.33 to $15.83
RatingRated 4.5 stars


  1. From most places I’ve read Newshosting is one of the top places to get but your recommendation for Astraweb is a big turn off on the credibility of the article and site. I have astraweb now and while they use to be the best and the one every one went too, I’m more often then not failing to download things A LOT.

    They’ve gone way down hill; anyone will tell you and they should be far from recommended ever.

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