XSNews or XS News is based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and is a reasonably known Usenet provider for over a decade now, locally and internationally. 

With emphasis on quality, simplicity and customer satisfaction they promise an excellent Usenet experience.
In this review, the ELITE package has been tested.

Packages / Price & Coupon Code

XSNews has three different flat rate packages. That means unlimited downloading for all flat rate subscriptions.
The only difference is that the ELITE package offers unlimited speed.

They offer three different block accounts which all have unlimited speed. Block account means you pay per gigabyte download volume, which is valid indefinitely. If you don’t want a subscription, then this might be something for you.

But now it gets interesting, as we demanded something special from XSNews for our visitors, ShareConnector got you a massive 30% discount!

By doing this, we made sure it’s currently the lowest priced provider on the market for a similar package. Bringing the ELITE down to €5.74 /m instead €8.20 /m. That’s €68.88 instead €98.40 /y, or €29.52 discount.

You can see the differences in the top news servers comparison chart.

Get your 30% coupon code by sharing this review below- you are supporting our efforts at the same time.
The discount is valid until 01/03/2017, you have been warned.

ELITE package in short-

  • Unlimited download volume
  • Unlimited speed (up to 800 Mbps)
  • 30 connections
  • 1100 days Retention 

There are several payment options available, even Bitcoin.

xsnews packages


Connectivity / Settings

  • Address: reader.xsnews.nl
  • Ports: 119, 80, 443 (SSL) or 563 (SSL)
  • Connections: 30
  • Retention: 1100 days

The settings above can be used to download with a newsreader of your choice.

Speed ​​& Retention

With just 7 connections, the download speed was stable and maxing out the 300 Mbps cable connection in The Hague, Netherlands. All tested files from different binary groups downloaded at maximum speed without “missing articles” or delays.

Also the promised retention is achieved with each download, a consistent experience. The retention of more than 3 years is sufficient for most downloaders. If you prefer downloading with a 3 times higher retention, check out Newshosting and UsenetServer.

The servers are located in the Netherlands, unless you have a very fast connection (800+ Mbps), you will still max out your internet connection.

To avoid disappointment and wasting money, confirm this for yourself during the two-week free trial.


Anyone looking for a solid provider, lowest price, unlimited speed and download volume, can’t go wrong with XS News. Please note that your exclusive gift of 30% off is valid until 01/03/2017.

Please share your experience like download speed and location in the comment section below.

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