NZBHydra2 vs Prowlarr

NZBHydra2 vs Prowlarr | Usenet Download Managers

Deciding between NZBHydra2 and Prowlarr? Prowlarr is your all-in-one, handling both Usenet and torrents with seamless integration into popular apps like Sonarr and Radarr. NZBHydra2, on the other hand, offers streamlined Usenet efficiency that’s hard to beat. Which tool suits your needs best? Lets find out. Key Takeaways Feature Comparison When evaluating NZBHydra2 and Prowlarr…


Thundernews Reviews | Better Alternatives Exist

Who are they? ThunderNews is a Usenet provider that offers a wide range of plans, boasting high connection-speeds, good article completeness, and sufficant article retention. They prioritize privacy, providing access to newsgroups without logging activity. Company name Thundernews Address 719-D E. Greenville St. #155 Anderson, SC, United States Price / Packages ThunderNews provides three primary types…