If you are wondering how to download NZB files, just sit back relax and follow this guide. NZBs make it easy to download from Usenet and it’s approach is similar to torrent files.

First you will need an Usenet client which can read NZB files to download stuff from Usenet newsgroups. Check the overview of some of the best Usenet clients which support downloading NZBs.

Secondly, no free Usenet servers exist which offer you speed, unlimited downloads and high retention, so they are pretty bad. However, you can try some premium Usenet trials to see for yourself before you spend a penny.

In case you choose the Newshosting client, after installing it enter your username and password given by Newshosting. You are now all set to explore and download from thousands of newsgroups. If you choose another client and already have an Usenet account, enter the server name, port, amount of connections and login / password when asked. If not asked, make sure you go find those settings in options before you start using the client.

Now that you have a correctly configured Usenet client and premium Usenet account, let’s feed them some NZB files. For this, we use a selection of the best NZB search sites. All the sites have their pros and cons so which one you use is entirely up to you.

For this example we take nzb.su. After free registration you browse or search the categories.

Select a download and on the upper right side click “Download NZBs” as shown in the screenshot below. A NZB file will be downloaded and after you open it, the download will start inside your Usenet client.


Congratulations, you just completed the last step, nothing more to explain here. Feel free to share your questions and I will be glad to help.


  1. Great article, clear and informative. People might be interested to know UsenetStorm offer free web-based Usenet access for nzb files up to 500mb.

  2. NZBfriends is another one good free search engine for searching and downloading of NZB files from Usenet. It has 100 days retention, so has also a chance to exist.

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