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For years, Newshosting has been one of the best Usenet providers. They operate their own independent server clusters, maintain their own newsfeeds, have multiple server locations, and deliver lightning fast download speeds with great download completion and the best retention rates you can find anywhere.

They also include a free newsreader with integrated search and a free zero-log VPN account, making Newshosting hands down the best overall value for your money.

Newshosting is an independent, tier-1 Usenet provider that has provided some of the best Usenet access for over 2 decades. It has also been our favorite since we started using the service in 2012. The combination of fast speeds, stable connections, and best retention in addition to the free newsreader is what makes it our Editor’s Choice pick for top recommended Usenet service.

Price / Packages

Newshosting offers 3 Usenet access plans – 2 unlimited plans and 1 plan that includes 50GB of Usenet access each month. Each of these packages are outlined in detail below. If you can’t decide which plan to choose, you can fill in a couple of short questions on their Usenet Plan Customizer page and Newshosting will recommend which plan fits best to your needs.

ShareConnector Special Discount

Newshosting has put together a special deal for ShareConnector readers that will give you a 58% lifetime discount off their best Usenet package. This deal is for the Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited downloads, a free newsreader with integrated search, a free zero-log VPN account, 30 SSL-secured connections, max retention, and unlimited access to all of their Usenet servers.

This is by far the best value plan on the market, and you can only get it through the discount link at the bottom of this article.

 ShareConnector DiscountLiteUnlimitedXL Powerpack
Plan price per month$8.33$10$12.95$15.83
Payment periodYearlyMonthly YearlyYearly
Free trial of 14 days / 30 GBXVVV
Newshosting newsgroup browserFREEFreeFreeFree
Over 3283 days retentionVVVV
Usenet data transferUnlimited50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
100,000 + uncensored newsgroupsVVVV
Optimal completion of over 99.5%VVVV
256-bit SSL encryptionVVVV
VPN serviceFree4.994.99Free
Free Easynews account with 10 GBXXXV
24/7 supportVVVV

14-day free trial is available with all 3 Newshosting plans. This free trial will give you 30GB of access with unlimited speed, SSL encryption, max retention, and access to all of their servers, which should be more than enough to test this kick-ass Usenet service. The free trial also includes a newsreader with integrated search as well as a free zero-log VPN (if you select a plan that includes the VPN).

A credit card or PayPal account is required to sign up for the free trial. However, there is no charge if you cancel before the 14 days or before you download more than 30GB of data.

The Newshosting account control panel is easy to navigate as shown in the screenshot below. If you decide to cancel, just log in and hit the cancellation button. No questions asked and no hassles when you cancel.

Besides that, more free Usenet trials are available for comparison.

best usenet provider

Control panel

Payment options

The number of payment options are rather limited. They only accept credit cards and PayPal.

Newshosting Usenet browser

Newshosting’s newsreader interface and performance is arguably the most valuable add-on feature they offer. It is a state of the art interface that even your grandmother can use to find and access articles on Usenet with. It is that intuitive and easy to use.

This beautiful app runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems, and it comes free with every plan, including the free trial. It has a built in Google-like search function and you can even see video previews and thumbnail images.

There is also an automated search function that you can use to build a list of requested articles, then the newsreader will search all newsgroups across all Usenet servers according to the search/download times you set.

A few other notable features about the newsreader:

  • Supports NZB imports
  • It shows you how much data you have used in the current day and the current month.
  • Connection graph that shows you your download speeds
  • Allows you to also search specific newsgroups
  • Built-in function to bookmark your favorite newsgroups

Overall, the all-in-one newsreader makes it easy for Usenet newbies to get started with Usenet. It also offers a lot of flexibility and advanced settings for advanced users. Check it out yourself and look at the browser demo video below:

Connectivity and Configuration

There is no configuration needed when installing the Newshosting newsreader – it is plug-and-play. After you sign up for any Newshosting plan, you will be taken to your account control panel where you can immediately download the application. Once it’s downloaded, just put in the username/password that you created during signup and then you’ll be up and running with Usenet.

If you prefer to use your own newsreader, we have listed the configuration settings for you below. The service also works well with some of the most popular newsreaders like SABnzbd.

  • Address:
  • Connections: 30
  • Ports: 119, 23, 25, 80, 3128
  • SSL ports: 443, 563

Depending on your location or preferences, for example, IPv6 or not, you can choose alternative servers:

  • IPv6 server:
  • US IPv4 server:
  • US IPv6 server:
  • Europe IPv4 server:
  • Europe IPv6 server:

Speed & Retention

Newshosting is the best service with regards to retention. They offer over 4,000 days of both text and binary retention across all of their multi-continent server clusters. In comparison, other independently operated Usenet services offer as few as 75 days of retention, meaning you will get access to 98% LESS articles due to their limited server space. Newshosting is also one of a handful of Usenet providers who continue to grow their retention, so the amount of articles that you have access to on their servers continues to grow over time.

From our experience, just 10 connections were enough to constantly max out the 500 Mbit/s cable connection. We had no problems with incomplete data so in terms of completion rate Newshosting is reliable as well. We were able to download high retention files above 2900 days.

The beauty is that you can test this yourself without spending a penny by grabbing a free trial, which comes with a free newsreader included. Make sure you compare Usenet reviews to meet your needs.

To find content easier choose one of the NZB search engines that are available today.

VPN Service

If you are not familiar with VPN and want to know what VPN exactly is, we recommend checking out the article in the link. You can also compare Newshosting’s VPN service with the best VPN services on the market.

Operating Systems

The discounted Unlimited plan comes with a free zero-log VPN service and can be installed on Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. If you use a mobile device, you will need to manually setup your VPN connection.


Newshosting’s VPN lets you choose between 70 servers in 17 countries. It uses the ultra-fast and popular OpenVPN protocol, with L2TP and PPTP manual connections also available. In general, we recommend the OpenVPN protocol, which is usually also the fastest and the safest.


You can connect up to 2 devices to the Newshosting’s VPN service, which is not much compared to the standard 5 or 6 with other VPN services. But you get unlimited server switching, data transfers, and bandwidth.

All in all, it is a very decent VPN service which will greatly enhance your online security. Also of note, the VPN service, software included, is free.


Users that are looking for the best possible Usenet experience, should take a good look at Newshosting. The value they offer with unlimited downloads, independently operated server clusters, fast speeds, as well as including a free newsreader and VPN service is unmatched.

ShareConnector readers will also get a 58% off lifetime discount  on their top-end Unlimited plan. This is an exclusive offer and your special price will be automatically applied and honored for the lifetime of your account.

In case you are from the Netherlands, Eweka is a solid Dutch Usenet provider and a great secondary server option. They are based in the Netherlands, operate a completely different newsfeed, and are very popular among Dutch, German, and French users.


  • Free newsreader with search (excellent interface)
  • Best retention time (and continues to grow)
  • Independent server clusters
  • Servers in multiple locations
  • Very high completion rate
  • Fast speeds
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Free zero-log VPN connection
  • Servers in multiple locations
  • Lifetime discount for ShareConnector readers


  • Limited payment methods
  • No real time customer support

Order Newshosting

Summary: For years, Newshosting has been one of the best Usenet providers. They operate their own independent server clusters, maintain their own newsfeeds, have multiple server locations, and deliver lightning fast download speeds with great download completion and the best retention rates you can find anywhere.

They also include a free newsreader with integrated search and a free zero-log VPN account, making Newshosting hands down the best overall value for your money.

$8.33 to $15.83
RatingRated 5 stars


  1. From most places I’ve read Newshosting is one of the top places to get but your recommendation for Astraweb is a big turn off on the credibility of the article and site. I have astraweb now and while they use to be the best and the one every one went too, I’m more often then not failing to download things A LOT.

    They’ve gone way down hill; anyone will tell you and they should be far from recommended ever.

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