DoJ opens the way to the Supreme Court

Right after the humiliating defeat of the DoJ and BREIN, the DoJ instantly signed for Supreme Court within the 2 weeks sign period. It’s not sure yet if the DoJ will take it to the Supreme Court and my guess is they won’t, as it will embarrass them for the third time in a row.

Case Invalidated. ShareConnector Wins

After six years of battles in court, the final verdict declares this whole case as non-suit. Simply put, the Public Prosecution Service has no valid case since the investigation and prosecution of the victims was illegal and based on evident lies. It’s a major blow to BREIN and everyone involved against us.

The DoJ Appeal Finally Resumes

The April 14th appeal date was not met because the expert-rapport done by Dr.Ir. Pouwelse was not finished on time. Now that we have the expert-rapport, the appeal should take place tomorrow 9:30am, May 19th in The Hague.