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UsenetServer is a veteran Usenet provider known for providing cheap unlimited Usenet access with fast speeds and some of the best binary and text retention in the business. They operate their own independent server farms in both the US and Europe and for decades have been regarded as one of the best back-end service providers.

In addition to providing top quality Usenet access for cheap, UsenetServer bundles in some nice freebies including a free Usenet search feature named Global Search as well as a free VPN account. Like the Usenet service, there is no monthly bandwidth restrictions on how much you can use these features.

Overall, UsenetServer offers the best overall ‘bang-for-your-buck’ Usenet, so if you are looking for the best value, this is the provider we recommend for you.

Packages & Price

UsenetServer offers 2 simple Usenet access plans – a monthly plan and a yearly plan. Both give you unlimited, SSL-encrypted downloads and include some of the best features around:

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  • True Unlimited Access. Both plans provide true unlimited access. Other providers that claim to offer unlimited access typically have a monthly ‘soft cap’ on the amount of data you can access. UsenetServer, on the other hand, does not have any such caps.
  • Blazing Speeds. UsenetServer operates one of the fastest independent backbones in the world that peers with more than 800 providers of Internet bandwidth worldwide. With any plan, you will get very fast speeds with zero speed throttling.
  • The Longest Retention. UsenetServer has a huge storage architecture that has the best retention, both binary and text, in the industry. Nowhere else will you get access to more retention and more articles.
  • Free Usenet Search. Unlimited access to UsenetServer’s Global Search feature. This is a slick Usenet search engine that even allows you to create NZBs.
  • New! Free VPN service with Yearly Plan. Get VPN access (zero-logs kept) for free with an annual account (available for $4.99 with a monthly account). Free software is included.
  • 99% completeness. UsenetServer maintains relationships with all major Usenet providers and most smaller providers, which means you have access to virtually every article posted to Usenet worldwide. UsenetServer’s storage architecture is also fully redundant, so they never lose an article once it’s added to their servers. This ensures a near perfect completion and great reliability.
  • Free SSL connections. Free 256-bit SSL connections are included for fully secure and encrypted access to their servers.

Overall, both Usenet packages come with everything you need in a Usenet service. Given the $7.95/mo price with an annual account, it makes for the best value on the market today.


Here are all the configuration details to connect your UsenetServer account with any newsreader:

  • Address:
  • Ports: 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
  • SSL ports: 563, 443 or 8080
  • Connections: 20
  • Retention: 4007+ days (both binary and text)


With a cable connection in The Hague, The Netherlands, we were able to get a constant downloading speed of 300 Mbps with only 7 connections used. This puts UsenetServer among the top as far as server access speeds go.

We have also published other Usenet reviews if you’d like to compare UsenetServer with other top providers. In the review section, you will find several other providers such as TweakNews, Newshosting and UseNeXT. If you are specifically looking for a European provider, we have tested a couple of good Dutch Usenet providers like Eweka and XSNews as well.

Retention & Download completion

There were no problems with missing data during our testing, including both binary and text articles, even ones older than 4,000 days. We are also pleased to see that UsenetServer grows their retention daily. Many other providers have far less retention (in some cases years less of article posts) and also do not support retention growth.

This means that their server network can only store a limited number of articles and they do not grow their storage capacity to accommodate for more. When an article posted to a server gets older than the number of days supported by that provider, that article gets deleted.

When choosing a Usenet service provider, you should generally pick one that provides the highest retention. Some providers offer months or years of retention, whereas UsenetServer offers around 11 years and growing. The actual difference in the number of articles you’ll be able to access is substantial, which is why we recommend always looking closely at retention numbers.

UsenetServer VPN

The special discounted yearly plan that ShareConnector visitors get includes a zero-log VPN account for free. This comes with free VPN software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, all of which are simple to use. In addition to the free software, you can use the VPN service as much as you want with no bandwidth restrictions.

If you prefer a monthly Usenet plan but still want the VPN, it is available as a $4.99 per month add-on. This is still cheap, although we would recommend opting for the yearly UsenetServer plan where the VPN is included for free and the per month price is $7.95 as opposed to $10 with the month-to-month plan.


We tested the UsenetServer VPN client v3.0.1.0 on Windows 10 x64 with the same 300/30 Mbps cable connection that we tested the Usenet service with. Installation is quick and after you launch the application, you will be prompted to log in with your UsenetServer username and password. Within seconds you will be presented with a basic, but pleasing interface that is easy to navigate.

Choosing and connecting to a VPN server happens from the main interface – just click the server location icon, then you will be presented with a list of servers that you can sort by country name, city name, and server load. Alternatively, you can use a search function to enter your own city or country vs having to scroll through list.

To connect to a server, simply click on a location, press Save, then press the green connect button. From there, UsenetServer will show ‘Connected’ along with your new IP address once you’re successfully connected to the VPN server.

We should also note that in our previous review, we listed a couple of caveats on advanced features that the VPN was missing, specifically auto-reconnect and a kill switch. In our most recent round of tests, we were pleased to see that both features were introduced into the app. Still, however, we think it would be handy if the application’s window could be maximized with one click vs having to manually drag the app window out.

All in all, the VPN works well, the apps are easy to use, and it’s an outstanding value considering you can get it free.

Speed & Connectivity

After connecting to a server in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we measured a download speed of 264 Mbps and upload speed of 30 Mbps.

The second test was performed with the Connection Preference slider set to left (Speed). This resulted in a download speed of 280 Mbps while the upload remained the same due to our limited cable upload of 30 Mbps. As you can see the download speed increased by 16 Mbps.

The third test was performed with the “Security” protocol selected by sliding to the right. Average download speed measured was 258 Mbps, so even with the highest encryption/security level, you will have blazing speeds. Pings in all three tests with or without being connected to the VPN remained the same, between 9-10ms. The UsenetServer VPN control panel shows a huge amount of servers, especially in the US. As you can see below, most servers show a low capacity usage and have blazing speeds thanks to their industry leading global network infrastructure.


UsenetServer offers the best value for unlimited Usenet service. All plans offer unlimited downloads, uncapped speeds, and access to an independent backbone that is well regarded for providing very fast speeds as well as the most binary and text retention in the business. Although they do not include a free newsreader like Newshosting does, it does include unlimited access to their Usenet Search engine called UNS Global Search.


  • Best value for unlimited Usenet
  • Independent backbone
  • Longest retention (text and binary)
  • Usenet search feature
  • Free VPN-service


  • You cannot pay with iDeal

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Summary: UsenetServer is a veteran Usenet provider known for providing cheap unlimited Usenet access with fast speeds and some of the best binary and text retention in the business. They operate their own independent server farms in both the US and Europe and for decades have been regarded as one of the best back-end service providers.

$7,95 to $14,95
RatingRated 4.5 stars

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