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UsenetServer is a renowned newsgroup server provider with numerous features appealing to a wide range of Usenet users. This in-depth UsenetServer review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of its functions. It offers superior completion rates, quality VPN access, 256-bit SSL encryption, and an intuitive search interface.


UsenetServer is a seasoned Usenet service provider celebrated for its cost-effective unlimited Usenet access, swift server speeds, and unparalleled binary and text retention. UsenetServer uniquely hosts standalone data centers in both the United States and Europe. 

UsenetServer offers top-tier Usenet access at a budget-friendly price. They also provide some attractive freebies, including a free Usenet search feature called Global Search, and a free zero-log VPN account. There are no monthly bandwidth restrictions on UsenetServer or any of these features.

If you’re searching for the best deal in Usenet service, UsenetServer is a great choice. They offer the best overall ‘bang-for-your-buck’ Usenet, making them our recommended Usenet provider.

Price / Packages

UsenetServer offers two straightforward Usenet newsgroup access plans – a monthly plan and a yearly plan. Both plans include unlimited, SSL-encrypted downloads and some of the best features in the business.

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Both plans provide true unlimited access. Unlike other providers that claim unlimited access but have a monthly ‘soft cap’ on the amount of data you can access, UsenetServer isn’t one of them.

  • 14-Day Free Usenet Account (trial)
  • True Unlimited Access. Both plans provide true unlimited access. Other providers claiming unlimited access typically have a monthly ‘soft cap’ on the amount of data you can access. UsenetServer doesn’t.
  • Blazing Speeds. UsenetServer operates one of the fastest independent backbones globally that peers with more than 800 providers of Internet bandwidth worldwide. With any plan, you will get breakneck speeds with zero speed throttling.
  • The Longest Retention. UsenetServer has a huge storage architecture with the best retention, both binary and text, in the industry. Nowhere else will you get access to more retention and more articles.
  • Free Usenet Search. Unlimited access to UsenetServer’s Global Search feature. This is a slick and probably one of the best Usenet indexers, that even allows you to create NZBs.
  • New! Free VPN service with Yearly Plan. Get a zero-logs VPN for free with your annual account (an additional $4.99 with a monthly account). Free software is included.
  • 99% completion. UsenetServer maintains relationships with all best Usenet services and most smaller providers, which means you can access virtually every article on Usenet worldwide. UsenetServer’s storage architecture is also fully redundant, so they never lose an article once added to their servers. This ensures a near-perfect completion and great reliability.
  • Free SSL connections. Free 256-bit SSL connections are included for fully secure and encrypted access to their servers.
UsenetServer Pricing

Overall, both Usenet packages come with everything you need in a Usenet service. This special offer of $7.95/mo (annual account) makes it one of the best deals on the market today.

Free Usenet Search

Unlimited access to UsenetServer’s Global Search feature is included. This slick Usenet search engine is probably one of the best Usenet indexers, allowing you to search for articles across Usenet and create NZB files.

Payment options

You can only pay by credit card or PayPal.

Connectivity and Configuration

Here are all the configuration details to connect your UsenetServer account with any newsreader, like a Mac Usenet client:

  • Address:
  • Ports: 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
  • SSL ports: 563, 443 or 8080
  • Connections: 20
  • Retention: 4619+ days (both binary and text)


UsenetServer operates one of the fastest independent backbones globally, peering with more than 800 internet bandwidth providers worldwide. With any plan, you’ll get breakneck speeds with zero speed throttling.

With a cable connection in The Hague, The Netherlands, we got a constant downloading speed of 300 Mbps with only 7 connections. This is a result only top Usenet providers reach.

We have also published other Usenet reviews if you’d like to compare UsenetServer with other top providers. The Pure Usenet review will be interesting for you if you are looking for a better price, but still want 20 connections.

Other provider tests you’ll find in the review section, such as Easynews and Newshosting. If you are specifically looking for a European provider, we have tested a couple of good Dutch Usenet providers like Eweka and XSNews.


UsenetServer grows its retention daily. Many other providers have far less retention (in some cases, years less) and do not grow their retention. This means that these competitor networks can only store a limited number of articles. When an article posted to a Usenet  server gets older than the number of days supported by that provider, that article gets deleted.

When you choose a Usenet provider, you should generally pick one that provides high retention. Some providers offer months or years of retention, whereas UsenetServer offers 12 years and growing. The actual difference in the number of articles you’ll be able to access is substantial.

Download completion

We had no problems with missing data during our testing, including binary and text articles. We even downloaded articles older than 4,000 days. UsenetServer[i] boasts about 99%+ completion on their website. It’s because they peer with most Usenet providers to make sure you can access almost any article on the Usenet.

UsenetServer VPN

The special discounted yearly plan that ShareConnector visitors get includes a free Usenet trial, a zero-log PrivadoVPN account for free, including free VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, all of which are simple to use. In addition to the free software, you can use the VPN as much as you want with no bandwidth restrictions.

If you prefer a monthly Usenet plan but still want the VPN, it is available as a $4.99 per month add-on. This is still cheap, although we would recommend opting for the yearly UsenetServer plan where the VPN is included for free.

Operating Systems

The ShareConnector exclusive deal comes with a free zero-log VPN service from PrivadoVPN, which you can install on Windows, Mac-OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Easynews works with these operating systems


The UsenetServer PrivadoVPN offers access to 45 Countries with Hundreds of Servers.


You can connect up to 10 devices to UsenetServer (Privado) VPN, the market standard for VPN services. Besides that, you’ll have unlimited server switching, data transfers, and data volume.

A pretty good VPN service that is completely free when you take the 12-months deal.


UsenetServer offers 24/7 support. You can submit a ticket on their website and they’ll usually answer within a few hours.


Price: 7.95

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Application Category: Usenet

Editor's Rating:


  • Best value for unlimited Usenet
  • Independent backbone
  • Longest retention (text and binary)
  • Usenet search feature
  • Free VPN-service


  • You cannot pay with iDeal


How to use UsenetServer?

How to use UsenetServer, we describe in detail in this review. We cover installation, configuration, and the UsenetServer features.

How good is UsenetServer?

UsenetServer ranks high in our ShareConnector ranking of the Best Usenet Provider. High retention, unlimited speed, and free VPN, along with great download completion, make this an excellent choice.

How to Setup SABnzbd with Usenetserver?

To set up SABnzbd with UsenetServer, fill out the configuration details we listed in this review at Connectivity and Configuration.

What can you tell me about the Usenetserver review?

UsenetServer is a renowned newsgroup server provider with numerous features appealing to a wide range of Usenet users. This in-depth UsenetServer review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of its functions. It offers superior completion rates, quality VPN access, 256-bit SSL encryption, and an intuitive search interface.

How does UNS global search function work and how does it benefit Usenet users?

UNS Global Search is a search interface that allows UsenetServer subscribers to peruse the widespread Usenet posts efficiently. It operates like a search engine called ‘Nzb search’ and presents the search results directly to users.

What is the standard of customer support offered by UsenetServer?

The customer support of UsenetServer is quite commendable. UsenetServer states that it strives to provide timely and adequate assistance to users’ queries and technical issues with their service.

What does it mean that UsenetServer operates on tier-1 Usenet?

A tier-1 Usenet provider like UsenetServer implies that it maintains its own server clusters. This results in better maintenance, faster connections, and the best retention rates due to direct server access instead of relying on third-party servers.

Can you explain more about the completion rates of UsenetServer?

Completion rates refer to the rate of successfully retrieved articles posted to Usenet. UsenetServer boasts one of the highest completion rates among Usenet servers due to its extensive server clusters in the US and EU.

Is VPN access included with UsenetServer subscription?

Yes, VPN access is included with the UsenetServer subscription. The VPN ensures your internet connection is secure, disguises your online activity, and protects your identity with SSL encryption.

What are the benefits of UsenetServer’s SSL encryption?

UsenetServer uses SSL encryption to ensure that your Usenet browsing activity is kept private and safe. This level of encryption is especially useful in guarding your activity from ISP monitoring or any unauthorized access.

Can UsenetServer handle today’s number of concurrent connections?

At the time of this review, UsenetServer can handle up to 20 concurrent connections. This allows for faster and more efficient downloading of various Usenet posts.

How does UsenetServer manage to provide one of the best retention rates among news servers?

UsenetServer manages its own server centers, storing articles posted to Usenet for extended periods. At present, the retention is up to 2023 days, making UsenetServer one of many Usenet providers with top retention rates.

What extra services does UsenetServer have apart from its normal news server capabilities?

UsenetServer also offers a bundled Usenet package called UNS Global Search. It is a Usenet search client that allows users to search for files across all newsgroup posts, making it easier to find specific content.

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