Ease of use

Prowlarr offers an all-in-one solution for easy management of Usenet and torrent collections on various operating systems, boasting robust integrations with popular PVR apps.

Despite its slight learning curve and dependency on download clients, its user-friendly interface and extensive support for indexers make it an efficient tool for media enthusiasts.


Discover the power of Prowlarr, the ultimate tool for organizing your Usenet and torrent collections.

With compatibility across Windows, OSX, and Linux, it promises to revolutionize your digital library management.

Dive in to find out if Prowlarr really delivers on its promise or falls short in the vast digital ocean.

Key Takeaways

  • Prowlarr aims to be the ultimate tool for Usenet and torrent collection organization.
  • Compatible with Windows, OSX, and Linux.
  • Offers potential to revolutionize digital library management.
  • Evaluation of whether Prowlarr lives up to its promise or not.


Prowlarr simplifies media management by centralizing control of Usenet and Torznab indexers. It’s a versatile tool that streamlines tracking across various platforms, ensuring easy and effective media handling.

PriceFree and open-source
Platform AvailabilityNative support on Windows, compatible with OSX and Linux
Connection SupportSupports Usenet and Torrent Indexers, Per Indexer proxy support (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, Flaresolverr)
User EngagementRegular updates by developers, community contributions through opencollective
Compatibility – Download ClientsIntegrates seamlessly with Lidarr, Mylar3, Radarr, Readarr, and Sonarr
Compatibility – Search ClientsManual searching of Trackers & Indexers at a category level
Compatibility – IndexersUsenet support for 24 indexers natively, and any Newznab compatible indexer; Torrent support for almost 500 trackers and any Torznab compatible tracker
DashboardIndexer History and Statistics, Indexer health and status notifications
Health and Status NotificationsProvides notifications about the health and status of indexers


The Prowlarr interface is user-friendly, offering an intuitive layout that simplifies the management of both Usenet Indexers and Torrent Trackers. It integrates seamlessly with popular PVR apps like Radarr and Sonarr, enhancing the overall user experience.

The clear and concise design of the interface allows for easy navigation and configuration, making it accessible even to those new to Usenet and torrent management.

Supported Services

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • Nyaa
  • EZTV
  • LimeTorrents
  • Torlock
  • YTS
  • Zooqle
  • IPTorrents
  • TorrentLeech
  • Usenet Indexers (various)
  • NZB360
  • Mylar3
  • Radarr
  • Lidarr
  • Readarr
  • Sonarr

Prowlarr can be used alongside NZB360. Prowlarr acts as an indexer management tool integrating with media server applications. NZB360, a mobile app that allows for remote control of your downloads and media server software. Combining both provides a comprehensive solution for managing media collections from both desktop and mobile devices.

Setting up Prowlarr

Here’s a concise step-by-step guide for setting up Prowlarr:

  1. Download Prowlarr: Obtain the latest version from Prowlarr’s GitHub page.
  2. Install Prowlarr: Execute the installer for your system (Windows, OSX, Linux).
  3. Access Prowlarr: Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:9696.
  4. Navigate to Indexers: Select the ‘Indexers’ option on the left menu.
  5. Add Indexer: Click ‘Add Indexer’ at the top of the page.
  6. Choose Indexer: Select an indexer from the list or use ‘Generic Newznab’/’Generic Torznab’.
  7. Configure Indexer: Enter the necessary details for your chosen indexer.
  8. Save Configuration: Save your settings to apply changes.
  9. Test Indexer: Ensure the indexer is properly set up and functioning.
  10. Sync with Apps: Optionally, synchronize Prowlarr with media automation apps under Settings > Applications.

Best Usenet Provider for Prowlarr

For optimal performance with Prowlarr, selecting top-tier Usenet providers like Newshosting and Eweka is crucial, as they offer robust server stability and excellent retention rates. Providers such as UsenetServer and NewsDemon are also highly compatible with Prowlarr, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience for managing Usenet collections.

Best Prowlarr Indexers

For Prowlarr users seeking top-tier indexers, NZBGeek, DrunkenSlug, and NZBPlanet are among the most popular choices, renowned for their extensive libraries and reliable update frequency. These indexers stand out in the Usenet community for their efficient and comprehensive indexing of content, making them indispensable tools for Prowlarr enthusiasts.


Using Prowlarr offers a user-friendly and efficient experience, especially for those familiar with Usenet and torrent indexers. The interface simplifies the management of both Usenet Indexers and Torrent Trackers, allowing seamless integration with various PVR apps like Lidarr and Sonarr, making it a convenient tool for automating and streamlining your media downloading process.

Prowlarr supports linking up with your favorite download client, ensuring you’re not jumping between apps more than you need to. Dive into your home directory or AppData Folder, where Prowlarr keeps its SQLite database tidy. Need to update Prowlarr? It’s straightforward, keeping you in the loop with the latest features and fixes.

Performance Evaluation

The performance? It’s slick. Whether you’re adding custom indexers or syncing with Sonarr, Prowlarr handles it all without breaking a sweat. You want freedom? You got it. With Prowlarr, you’re not just getting an app; you’re unlocking a smoother, hassle-free way to manage your downloads.

Donation Plans

Prowlarr is a free service but you can donate to support development. Here’s a table of the donation plans available for Prowlarr via OpenCollective:

Donation TypeContribution ModeAmount
BackerRecurring Contribution$2/month
SponsorRecurring Contribution$10/month
Mega SponsorRecurring Contribution$25/month
DonationCustom Contribution (1 time)Your choice

These plans offer a range of options for those looking to support Prowlarr, from small, regular contributions to larger, more substantial sponsorships, as well as the flexibility of custom contributions. With Prowlarr, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re joining a movement.

It’s all about giving you the controls to download and manage content from various sources, ensuring you can integrate with your various needs without a hitch.

Support & Community

Prowlarr has an active and helpful community of users who provide support and assistance through various online forums and platforms. Additionally, there is a dedicated Discord server where users can seek help, share knowledge, and discuss issues related to Prowlarr. This community-driven support system ensures that users can quickly find solutions to their questions or problems.

Alternatives for Prowlarr

Prowlarr is a unique tool in the Usenet ecosystem, but users looking for alternatives might consider checking out Prowlarr vs Jackett or NZBHydra2 vs Jackett, which also act as meta-search engines for Usenet indexers and torrent trackers, respectively. While NZBHydra2 specializes in consolidating searching and managing multiple NZB indexers, Jackett is geared more towards integrating with numerous torrent trackers and providing an API to be used by other software.

Prowlarr Review | Simplify Your Usenet and Torrents in 2024

Editor's Rating:


  • Open-Source and Free
  • Centralized Control
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Wide Indexer Support
  • Regular Updates
  • App Integration
  • Advanced Search


  • Setup Complexity
  • Requires Download Client
  • Limited Native Indexer Support
  • Dependence on Community Contributions
  • No Direct Downloading

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Prowlarr?

Use Prowlarr for efficient management, automation, wide compatibility, easy setup, enhanced content discovery, scalability, and strong community support.

Should Prowlarr Be Behind a VPN?

It is recommended, using a VPN enhances privacy, security, and allows for anonymous browsing by hiding your location.

Why Does Prowlarr Need a Download Client?

Prowlarr requires a download client to manage the actual downloading of content from the sources it indexes. While Prowlarr excels in finding and organizing torrent and Usenet content, it doesn’t download files directly. Instead, it sends the found content to a download client

What Port Does Prowlarr Use?

Prowlarr, like many similar services, doesn’t have a specific default port it operates on; instead, it allows users to specify the port during setup. This means you can choose a port that suits your network configuration and security preferences.

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