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Newshosting, a prominent Usenet provider, shines with its speedy, self-maintained servers, and high retention rates. Add a free newsreader and a zero-log VPN to the mix, and you get unmatched value for your money.


With over 20 years in the game, Newshosting has been consistently delivering unbeatable Usenet access that’s second to none.

We’ve favored it since our first encounter in 2012.

Its speedy, stable services coupled with high retention and a free newsreader earn it our Editor’s top pick.

Price / Packages

Newshosting makes selecting a plan simple with their Usenet Plan Customizer. Their intuitive system will guide you to the ideal plan tailored just for your unique needs.

ShareConnector Special Discount

Newshosting offers a unique deal for ShareConnector readers – a whopping 58% lifetime discount on their Unlimited plan. This includes unlimited downloads, free Usenet newsreader, free zero-log VPN account, 60 SSL-secured connections, and max retention.

Access this offer via the discount link at this article’s end.


Avail the 14-day free trial, giving you 30GB access to test the service. It includes unlimited speed, 256-bit SSL encryption, max retention, and a newsreader with integrated search. 

Just cancel within 14 days to avoid charges. Besides that, more Usenet free trials are available for comparison.

best usenet provider
Control panel

Payment options

You can make payments via credit card or PayPal. Cancellations are straightforward via the user-friendly control panel – no questions, no hassles.

Connectivity and Configuration

With Newshosting’s plug-and-play newsreader, you’ll be up and running on Usenet in no time. After signing up for any Newshosting plan, download the application straight from your account control panel. Just use your username and password, and you’re all set.

Custom Configuration: For the Hands-on User

For those who prefer using their own newsreader, like SABnzbd, Newshosting provides easy configuration. Here are the settings:

  • Address:
  • Connections: 60
  • Ports: 119, 23, 25, 80, 3128
  • SSL ports: 443, 563

Flexibility in Servers: Catering to Various Needs

Depending on your preferences or location, you can opt for alternative servers:

  • IPv6 server:
  • US IPv4 server:
  • US IPv6 server:
  • Europe IPv4 server:
  • Europe IPv6 server:


Newshosting excels in speed and data completion. Just to give you an idea, with only 10 connections, we maxed out a 500 Mbit/s cable connection, surpassing the performance seen in our Pure Usenet and Astraweb reviews. This showcases not only the speed but also the reliability of Newshosting in delivering complete data sets.

However, if DMCA takedowns concern you, European Usenet providers like Eweka or UseNeXT, who are not governed by this law, may be an option.

And here’s the best part: Newshosting offers a free trial, including a free newsreader. So, you can test the waters yourself. Remember to compare Usenet reviews to make an informed choice.


When it comes to retention, Newshosting stands tall with over 5,442+ days of both text and binary retention across their diverse server clusters. This is leaps and bounds ahead of other independent Usenet services that provide as little as 75 days of retention, resulting in access to 98% fewer articles due to limited server space.

Pioneers in the field of best Usenet providers like Newshosting are always enhancing their retention, thereby expanding the plethora of articles accessible on their servers over time. This commitment to continuous improvement makes Newshosting an attractive choice in the world of Usenet providers.

Download Completion

Newshosting hits near perfection with a download completion ratio close to 100%. During our review, we successfully downloaded high retention files above 2900 days.

To further enhance download completion, consider using automation tools such as SABnzbd or NZBGet. These applications expedite the process by fetching binary article sets as they are posted to a newsgroup, boosting your overall Newshosting experience.


Newshosting Usenet browser

Newshosting’s newsreader, with its user-friendly interface and robust performance, is arguably the standout feature of their offering. This tool is so intuitive and easy to navigate that even those new to Usenet can use it effortlessly, much like the Easynews indexer.

Available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems, this free app—bundled with every plan—houses a built-in search function akin to Google. With features such as video previews and thumbnail images, it simplifies your browsing experience.

What’s more, it features an automated search function, enabling you to build a list of requested articles. This Usenet search engine then scours all newsgroups across all Usenet servers based on your set search/download times.

Here are some additional features of the Newshosting newsreader:

  • Supports NZB imports
  • Displays daily and monthly data usage
  • Provides a connection graph for download speeds
  • Allows targeted searches in specific newsgroups
  • Includes a built-in function for bookmarking favorite newsgroups

The all-in-one newsreader is not just easy for Usenet newcomers, but also provides flexibility and advanced settings for experienced users. To facilitate content search, choose from the numerous NZB search engines available.

VPN Service

In addition to its impressive Usenet service, Newshosting partners with PrivadoVPN to provide its users with a robust add-on VPN feature. PrivadoVPN is a rapidly growing VPN provider that’s known for its comprehensive security and privacy features.

Want to know what VPN exactly is? Learn more about them as they might offer you benefits as well.   There are resources available that delve into this topic in detail.

For a more informed decision, you can compare Newshosting’s VPN service with the top VPN services available today. Interestingly, UsenetServer also uses PrivadoVPN for its services. You can gain further insights by reading our in-depth UsenetServer VPN review.

Operating Systems

The discounted Unlimited plan offered by Newshosting[i] also includes a complimentary zero-log VPN service. This service readily supports both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

You can install PrivadoVPN on Windows, Mac-OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.


Newshosting’s VPN allows you to select servers situated across 48 different countries. This data is continuously updated due to their ongoing expansion.

The service utilizes the extremely swift and widely-used OpenVPN protocol. However, for those who prefer manual connections, L2TP and PPTP options are also available. We generally recommend using the OpenVPN protocol for its superior speed and security.


With Newshosting’s VPN service, you can establish up to 10 device connections simultaneously. It offers unlimited server switching, data transfers, and bandwidth.

This complimentary VPN service significantly bolsters your online security, and it’s worth noting that the VPN software is included for free. This makes it an incredibly decent VPN service overall.


Newshosting provides support through two primary channels: a categorized information section, where you can find answers to many common queries, and direct email communication for more specific or complex inquiries. There is no life chat support.

Speed and helpfulness of customer service are crucial. They usually reply within a couple of hours.


Price: 8.33

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Application Category: Usenet

Editor's Rating:


  • Free newsreader with search (excellent interface)
  • Best retention time (and continues to grow)
  • Independent server clusters
  • Servers in multiple locations
  • Very high completion rate
  • Fast speeds
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Free zero-log VPN connection
  • Servers in multiple locations
  • Lifetime discount for ShareConnector readers


  • Limited payment methods
  • No real time customer support
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Do I need VPN with Usenet?

It is safer to use VPN with Usenet. VPN provides an extra safety layer, protecting you on Usenet.

What VPN does Newshosting use?

Newshosting uses PrivadoVPN. You’ll get this privacy focussed VPN for free in the ShareConnector special deal.

What is an alternative to Newshosting?

A good alternative to Newshosting is EasyNews. With EasyNews you can access files directly from your web browser.

Can you provide a brief Newshosting review?

Certainly. Newshosting is widely known as one of the best Usenet providers in the world. It boasts the largest Usenet archive, fast download speeds, and a user-friendly Usenet browser. Furthermore, it comes with a pre-configured VPN for secure browsing, and a top-tier retention rate among similar services, making it a top choice for most users.

What is the best Usenet provider in terms of Binary and text download limit?

Newshosting offers the best binary and text download limits. Depending on the plan you choose, you may even have unlimited download capability. Even their ‘lite’ version comes with a generous 50 GB limit, making Newshosting the best Usenet provider in terms of download limits.

How does the server of Newshosting Usenet provider function in terms of using a VPN?

Newshosting includes a VPN in its package to provide users with an extra layer of security. It’s easy to configure and comes with a pre-configured kill switch to enhance user’s privacy. So you can browse Usenet knowing that your activities will not be monitored.

How can I get access and use Newshosting Usenet browser?

Accessing and using Newshosting is simple. After signing up for a Newshosting plan, you can download the Usenet client, which serves as the Usenet browser. It’s easy to use, with an interface that is friendly even for beginners. Its search features allow you to easily find, post, and download what you need.

Which Usenet provider offers the best and top Usenet archive?

Newshosting boasts the largest Usenet archive, ensuring full retention of every article posted to Usenet over many years. With a Newshosting account, you can get access to billions more Usenet posts compared to the offerings of other providers. This high retention capacity contributes to its status as a top Usenet provider.

How can I configure my Newshosting client to monitor which newsgroups I post to, or download?

The Newshosting client has multiple customization options. You can configure it to monitor the newsgroups you post to or download. Track your Usenet activity and personalize your experience for efficient, seamless usage.

How does the Newshosting Usenet provider handle the unused data?

Newshosting handles unused data by rolling it over to the next month. So, if you didn’t exhaust your download limit for a month, you won’t lose that data. It simply gets added to the next month’s data allowance.

How can I put in news articles using the Newshosting Usenet?

You can put in (upload) news articles using the Newshosting Usenet client, by simply selecting “Post to Newsgroup”, writing your news article, selecting the newsgroups where you want to post, and hitting “Send”. It’s straightforward and user-friendly.

How reliable is Newshosting when it comes to the completion rate of NZB files?

The Newshosting completion rate of NZB files is very reliable and a strong point for Newshosting. It offers a stellar completion rate, resulting from its comprehensive, constantly updated and well-maintained Usenet archive. This reliability makes downloading NZB files from Newshosting seamless and hassle-free.

Why is Newshosting considered among the best Usenet providers?

Newshosting is considered the best Usenet provider due to its excellent service quality and numerous features. It includes a VPN for secure browsing, a user-friendly interface, and an unrivaled retention of any Usenet service. It also provides billions more Usenet posts than other providers, adding to its reputation.

Is there a download limit for the “Lite” plan on Newshosting?

Yes, for the “Lite” plan, Newshosting imposes a download limit of 50 GB per month. However, this company also offers plans with unlimited downloads for users who require more capacity.

How can I use Newshosting with a VPN?

Newshosting comes with a pre-configured VPN, assuring users a secure and private browsing experience. It includes a ‘kill switch’ that disconnects your internet if the VPN connection drops, adding an extra layer of security. To use it, you just need to configure it within the Newshosting client.

What does it mean that Newshosting has the largest Usenet archive?

This means that Newshosting has the largest collection of posts uploaded to Usenet, including both binary and text. These posts can date back up to 13 years, providing users with the best retention of any Usenet provider.

What is the completion rate offered by Newshosting?

Newshosting boasts of an excellent completion rate, which means users are rarely, if ever, unable to download the files they find. This is due to Newshosting’s extensive Usenet network and their high-quality servers.

What do I get access to with a Newshosting Usenet account?

With a Newshosting Usenet account, you get access to unlimited downloads, fast download speeds, full retention of news articles, and a Usenet browser. You can post to or download from its extensive archive and monitor which newsgroups you post.

Is access to NZB files included in the Newshosting Usenet service?

Yes, NZB files, which are commonly used on Usenet for downloading, are included in the Newshosting Usenet service. Subscribers can search, download, and use NZB files directly using the Newshosting client.

How can I maximize my Usenet experience with Newshosting?

To maximize your Usenet experience, make use of all the features Newshosting provides. These include accessing the vast Usenet archive, using the Usenet browser for easy navigation, leveraging the fast download speeds, and utilizing the pre-configured VPN for safe, anonymous browsing.

Is the Usenet service review positive in regards to their customer service?

Absolutely, customer service is another area where Newshosting excels. They provide 24/7 support via email, ensuring you can get help quickly. Their review record for customer service support is generally very positive.

Written by Adi Moore

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Adi, the anti-censorship crusader and tech-preneur, bootstrapped his first venture in 2001 from his attic into a digital empire. With a heart for open dialogue and transparent technology, he tackles censorship like a pro wrestler. Dive into his deep insights on freedom of speech, internet liberation, and his secret info recipe.


  1. From most places I’ve read Newshosting is one of the top places to get but your recommendation for Astraweb is a big turn off on the credibility of the article and site. I have astraweb now and while they use to be the best and the one every one went too, I’m more often then not failing to download things A LOT.

    They’ve gone way down hill; anyone will tell you and they should be far from recommended ever.

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