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DrunkenSlug is one of the best NZB indexers out there. It is celebrated for its user-friendly, secure software and robust community and support system.

Offering tiered membership options and reliable uptime, it stands out for its ease of use and comprehensive features in the Usenet community.


Key Takeaways

  • DrunkenSlug is praised for its intuitive and secure platform, providing a straightforward and enjoyable experience.
  • The website offers three membership plans, including a free plan for newcomers, and paid plans with additional benefits such as increased API hits and downloads.
  • DrunkenSlug has a robust community and comprehensive support system, including forums where you can share tips and receive responsive customer support.
  • The site has a strong uptime-record, rarely experiencing disruptions, and provides detailed uptime-charts for transparency, ensuring you can access content with confidence.


Here’s a table with DrunkenSlug features:

Trial PeriodUnlimited time, basic options
RegistrationInvite only
Subscription Durations / PlansAle, Wine plans available that last 1 year
Price (paid membership)Free: €0, Ale: €10, Wine: €20
Free NZBs5 NZBs daily
Free API’s100 API hits for free accounts
Frequency of Index UpdatesNZB indexer runs every 30 minutes
Retention3000+ days for binary content
Third-Party IntegrationsNZBGet, Sonarr, sabNZBD, and more
Security MeasuresSSL encryption
Groups CrawledUp to 50 newsgroups
Search Filters
RSS SupportAPI and RSS available
Customer SupportForums may be used for communication
Payment MethodsBitcoin, Credit cards, Amazon Gift Cards
Status/Uptime ChartsAverage response time: 314.076 milliseconds, High-uptime
Exclusive Features for PremiumIncreased NZB and API limits, minimal ads


The DrunkenSlug website is operated using a Newznab based indexer, which allows for automated indexing. It is characterized by min. advertisements, which contributes to a less cluttered and more user-friendly interface. This clean and straightforward design enhances the ease of browsing and downloading NZB-files.

Uptime and Responsiveness

DrunkenSlug demonstrates reliable uptime-stats, with the website maintaining a consistent online status and an average response time of 314.076 milliseconds. Their uptime-results are impressive, with records showing nearly 99.799% over the past year, indicating min. downtime issues.

Content Indexing

DrunkenSlug ensures a comprehensive and efficient organization of its NZB-files on their powerful server hardware with dedicated backup server. This system allows for up-to-date crawling of up to 50 newsgroups, providing a broad and diverse range of downloadable content.

The indexer operates with a frequency of every 30 minutes, ensuring that the content remains current and relevant. This frequent updating contributes to the site’s wide selection of NZBs, making DrunkenSlug a reliable resource for those seeking the latest and most diverse Usenet content. Our NZB360 reviews indicate integration support..


DrunkenSlug offers a tiered membership system, providing a choice of three distinct plans tailored to meet different needs and budgets. Each plan comes with its own set of membership benefits, ensuring that you can find an option that grants them the freedom to use the service in a way that suits them best. In terms of userbase, NZBGeek takes the crown.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Free Plan: A great starting point with basic features (5 free NZB searches per day), perfect for those wanting to test the waters.

  2. Paid Plans: Include additional benefits such as increased API hits and downloads, catering to more frequent Usenet users.

  3. Payment Options: Flexibility is key, with multiple payment methods including Bitcoin, credit cards, and Amazon Gift Cards.

Choose your path to Usenet exploration with ease and confidence. Or try the best Usenet providers of this year. Easynews is our top choice.


DrunkenSlug offers customer support primarily through community forums, where you can communicate and seek assistance for their concerns. However, they lack an IRC channel or other direct support options, relying instead on interaction within the forums for problem resolution.


DrunkenSlug maintains a sizable community, catered to through its flexible membership options and a variety of features that enhance the Usenet experience. The community, although limited by an invite-only registration process, is supported by a platform that offers a wide selection of quality NZBs, ensuring a rich and diverse environment for information sharing and discussion.

Together, these elements create an ecosystem where members thrive, anchored by mutual respect and efficient support.

DrunkenSlug Review | Unveiling Leading Edge of NZB Indexing

Editor's Rating:


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Robust community support.
  • Reliable uptime.
  • Multiple membership options.
  • Seamless integration with Usenet apps


  • Invite-only registration.
  • Limited direct support channels.
  • Minimal search filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Drunkenslug Ensure the Privacy and Security of Downloaded Content?

DrunkenSlug fortifies privacy with robust encryption, ensuring each download remains a hidden treasure. Anonymity protocols shield identities, granting you the freedom to navigate their digital seas without leaving a trace.

Are There Any Options to Contribute to the Drunkenslug Community, Such as Uploading Their Own Nzbs?

User-engagement on NZB sites can involve best Usenet content sharing by uploading NZBs. Such participation enhances the community’s resource pool, offering more variety and freedom in the shared content available.

Can you customize their notifications to be alerted about specific types of content or releases on Drunkenslug?

You can indeed tailor their experience by setting up custom filters to receive release alerts, ensuring they’re immediately informed when specific content becomes available, aligning with their unique interests and preferences.

What Measures Does Drunkenslug Take to Comply With DMCA Requests or Other Legal Inquiries?

DrunkenSlug implements content moderation strategies to ensure legal compliance, promptly responding to DMCA requests and other legal inquiries to align with copyright laws, reflecting their commitment to responsible service provision.

Does DrunkenSlug provide tools for managing NZB files, like download client-integration and file organization?

DrunkenSlug streamlines your digital library management with robust best NZB file categorization and automation scripts, ensuring seamless integration with download clients for the ultimate freedom in organizing their NZB downloads.

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