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NZBIndex offers a user-friendly interface and reliable uptime, although alternatives with comparable functionalities are readily available.
It attracts some users with its customizable search settings and free service tier, but falls short in content retention and reach compared to other platforms.


Experience the straightforward navigation of, albeit with a lesser content reach compared to some alternatives.

Delve into customizable search settings offered in its free service tier, but keep in mind the limited content retention.

Explore, compare, and decide if aligns with your Usenet journey amidst other readily available options.

Key Takeaways

  • Navigating NZBIndex comes easy with its user-friendly interface, yet falls short in content reach compared to some alternatives.
  • Provides customization options and savable search settings, but limited content retention is a noticeable drawback.
  • Entices with paid memberships for increased API calls, though free users might find the offerings inadequate.
  • Boasts exceptional uptime and performance, yet user experience may feel constrained by the relatively narrow scope of indexed content.


Trial Period
RegistrationFree and open
Subscription Durations / PlansFree – 4 paid API plans
PriceFree – € 50 – € 100 – € 150 – individual offer
Free User NZBsUnlimited
Free User API’s1 000 free API calls / day
1 000 – 50 000 -> € 50 / month
50 000 – 100 000 -> € 100 / month
100 000 – 200 000 -> € 150 / month
<200 000 -> individual
Frequency of Index UpdatesReal-time indexing
RetentionUp to 1,900 days
Third-Party Integrations
Security Measures256-bit SSL encryption
Groups Crawled900+
Search FiltersBasic and Advanced filtering options
AdvertisementsFew ads
RSS SupportRSS available
Customer SupportContact form and FAQ
Payment MethodsPaypal or Bank transfer
Status/Uptime ChartsExcellent uptime average and very good response time
Exclusive Features for PremiumIncreased API calls


Navigating NZBIndex’s search engine is effortless, resembling the simplicity of searching on Google. This user-friendly interface allows users to easily find the content they are looking for.

  1. User-Friendly Design: NZBIndex has an intuitive layout. It’s easy for both new and seasoned users to navigate.
  2. Search Functionality: The search feature is solid. You can easily filter results by various criteria like age and size.
  3. Speed and Responsiveness: The interface is quick. Searches and actions are processed without delays.
  4. Security and Privacy: Strong privacy features are present. Secure logins and encrypted connections help keep your data safe.

NZBIndex offers customization options, allowing users to personalize their search settings to get the desired results. The search bar enables users to input keywords and initiate the search with a simple click. Additionally, NZBIndex provides the option to save search settings, eliminating the need to reapply them for future visits.

NZBIndex eases the download process, allowing a simple click on the ‘Download Selected’ button for single or multiple files.

Uptime and Responsiveness

The uptime of is stellar, guaranteeing a dependable user experience. This reliability boosts its appeal for hassle-free NZB searches.

Site performance is top-notch with quick page loads and fast search results, enabling effortless navigation and easy content access.

Content Indexing

NZBIndex specializes in content indexing for Usenet, making it a go-to platform for users seeking specific files. The organized and searchable index ensures a streamlined user experience, allowing for quick and easy file discovery.

The platform’s indexing capabilities also contribute to its speed and reliability. By maintaining a well-structured index, NZBIndex ensures fast search results, which is key for user satisfaction.

In terms of popularity, NZBIndex’s effective content indexing plays a big role. It attracts users looking for a hassle-free and efficient way to search and download files, setting it apart from less organized alternatives.

NZBIndex Review

NZBIndex’s user-friendly appeal is marred by its limited content retention of 1,900 days, unlike alternatives like Easynews which offers over 5500 days of retention. This shortfall restricts access to older or obscure content, making the retention period a crucial factor when choosing an NZB indexing service for broader Usenet content access.

Furthermore, the absence of filename deobfuscation functionality can lead to partly unusable search results, narrowing down the content available for users. When combined with the lower retention rate, these factors may drive users to seek more comprehensive NZB index search capabilities elsewhere.


Besides the free program, for which you don’t need any registration, NZBIndex offers a flexible range of subscription plans to fit various user needs. This tiered structure ensures that both casual and power users can efficiently navigate the Usenet content indexed on the platform.

The free and open access provides you with free searches, features and unlimited NZB downloads. The only thing that is limited are the 1,000 free API calls, which is still a lot compared to some of the competition.

Price-wise, the platform is accommodating with its API plans, ranging from €50 to €150 monthly, and even offers customized plans for API calls exceeding 200,000 daily. This makes it a cost-effective choice for users who require high volumes of API interactions.


Continuing the exploration of NZBIndex’s features, users can rely on support options to address any concerns or inquiries they may have. NZBIndex provides a contact form for users to reach out for support, ensuring that any issues can be promptly resolved.

Additionally, the website offers a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which addresses common queries and provides technical information. This section serves as a valuable resource for users, offering a self-help option that can save time and effort.

It is a pitty that they don’t offer a live chat option.


Unlike some other NZB indexers, NZBIndex does not feature a community forum or social features.

Final thoughts

NZBIndex is a user-friendly and reliable free NZB indexer, however it’s usefulness is plagued by a lack of content. Its ease of use, customizable search settings, and free service make it a popular choice among NZB users.

Additionally, the site’s excellent uptime status ensures quick access to desired content. For those looking for newznab-like indexers, we listed them in our newznab review.

NZBIndex Review | Still a good indexer in 2024?

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • High Uptime: Reliable and consistent service.
  • Free Option: Unlimited NZBs and 1,000 free API calls.
  • Flexible API Plans: Suits various needs and budgets.
  • Quick Searches: Fast and efficient results.


  • Limited content retention (1,900 days)
  • No Filename Deobfuscation
  • No Live Chat Support
  • No Community Forum or Social Features
  • Inadequate Offerings for Free Users
  • Narrow Scope of Indexed Content

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Refine My Search on NZBIndex to Get More Specific Results?

To refine your search on NZBIndex and get more specific results, you can utilize advanced techniques such as using quotation marks to search for exact phrases, excluding words with the “-” symbol, and utilizing the advanced search options provided by the website.

Are There Any Limitations to the Number or Size of Files That Can Be Downloaded From Nzbindex?

NZBIndex allows users to download files without limitations on the number or size. The site ensures the security and privacy of its users’ downloads through robust security measures and strict adherence to file retention policies.

Can I Access NZBIndex From Mobile Devices or Is It Only Available on Desktop?

NZBIndex is compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to access the site on-the-go. The user experience on mobile is optimized, providing a seamless and efficient search process, similar to the desktop version.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Type of Content That Can Be Found on Nzbindex?

Content restrictions on NZBIndex are determined by the user’s search filters. The site itself does not impose any specific restrictions, allowing users to search for a wide range of content.

How Often Are New NZBs Added to the Index on Nzbindex?

New NZBs are added to the index on NZBIndex regularly, ensuring a wide range of content for users.

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