NZBGeek is a popular NZB site with impressive search capabilities and good retention. But given the recent user data breach, it might be useful to know that, there are alternatives.

NZB sites with advantages like RSS feeds saved search function, also have their disadvantages. No previews, streaming, and mobile support, just to name a few.

So, what is the best NZBGeek alternative? We came up with the following 5.

NZBGeek alternative

1) Easynews – Best NZBGeek alternative

Easynews is an all-in-one provider that combines Usenet access, newsreader, and NZB / newsgroup search – a separate indexer (like one of the Binsearch alternatives) is no longer needed. There is nothing like it, a leading Usenet innovator.

You’ll get an excellently designed web-based interface with video streaming that is easy to use. Previewing files and streaming videos is a pleasure to use as it’s optimized for mobile devices.

You can even Chromecast the videos to your TV. It is like YouTube without ads, although there actually are several other ways how to block YouTube ads on android.

It has the widest and most accurate Usenet browser results, due to its outstanding search technology.

On top of all that, you’ll get the highest retention and speed in the industry, plus the ultra-fast zero-log PrivadoVPN for free.

Take advantage of the 75% lifetime discount through ShareConnector now.

  • All-in-one Usenet experience
  • Best Usenet search results
  • Independent EU & US backbone
  • Highest retention
  • Video streaming & file previews
  • Mobile-friendly access
  • Free Zero-Log VPN
  • Exclusive 75% lifetime discount
  • Free 7-day trial
  • No Bitcoin payments
  • Only with Usenet access

2) NZBPlanet

NZBPlanet owes its popularity to its premium features. It is based on Newznab and therefore has a familiar look and easy-to-use architecture. Due to its popularity and massive growth, they switched to invite-only memberships a couple of years ago and premium members are able to invite new members.

Sometimes they are reported to have open-registration weekends. NZBplanet has a huge userbase (200.000+) and indexed a whopping two million NZBs. Their forum is very active and informative. Although NZBPlanet has a free membership, you’ll have zero downloads per day as well as APIs. But you can use it to see what NZBPlanet is like before you decide to pay.

Paid membership packages have three levels. VIP, Platinum, and ‘Love Us Long Time’.

  • Free/Paid packages (£10-15/Yr)
  • Free Package: 5 NZB downloads
  • Free Package: 0 API’s
  • Retention: 2500 days
  • Invites-only membership
  • Usenet provider needed

3) NZBGrabit

NZBGrabit is a forum-based NZB site, with excellent user interactions for registered members only. It differs from the familiar Newznab platforms and one of the positive differences is how easy it is to upload NZB.

They don’t have an invite-only membership but it is common for newbies to provide an introduction to the group before getting the first NZB. The free account of NZBGrabit gives you 10 NZB downloads per day with only 20 days of retention and no right to invite other members. The different VIP packages offer you lots of downloads and retention.

Because they do not support APIs, you can’t integrate with NZBGet and SabNZBD, which for some users is a showstopper.

  • Free/Paid packages (£10-15/Yr)
  • Free Package: 10 NZB downloads/day
  • Retention: 2000 days
  • Invites-only membership
  • No API calls
  • No integration with NZBGet and SabNZBD
  • Usenet provider needed

4) DOGnzb

DOGnzb is a popular NZB site for members only. The quality content and user-friendly interface are a few reasons why Dog NZB is so popular.

Besides the NZB files, they also have a dynamic forum where you can get useful information and help, or just chat.

Unfortunately, you can only become a member if you are invited by a member, who can invite one person every six months. There is a paid VIP and a free package and even with the free package you can get by quite well, but you do need a Usenet provider account in both cases.

  • Free/VIP packages ($20/Yr)
  • Free Package: 50 NZB downloads/day
  • Free Package: 50 API’s
  • Retention: 4800+ days
  • Invites-only membership
  • Usenet provider needed

5) GingaDaddy

GingaDADDY is an NZB site based on newznab+ to which you can register without invitation. They offer free and VIP accounts to access over 50 newsgroups with more than one million files indexed.

VIPs get unlimited NZBs and APIs and they even have a bulk download function. But the free membership limits your daily searches to three with limited retention (200 days). Access to their awesome forum is on the other hand free.

The GingaDADDY APIs allow you to integrate SabNZB, NZBGet, Sonarr, and Couchpotato, but with the free account, you’re again limited to three.

  • Open membership
  • Free/Paid packages ($17/Yr)
  • Free Package: 3 NZB downloads/day
  • Free Package:3 API’s
  • Retention: 2000 days
  • Registration required
  • Usenet provider needed


What happened to NZBGeek?

NZBGeek has been hacked, exposing the personal details of all users. The site’s operators recommend that users should secure their online accounts as well as credit cards that were used on the site recently. NZBGeek returned on 24/01/2021.

What is an NZB downloader?

An NZB downloader is a program that allows you to read NZB files so the content gets downloaded from newsgroups. With Easynews you can search all the newsgroups and read NZB files you found with a NZB search engine.

How do I use NZBGeek?

After entering NZBGeek, you’ll see the search bar. Use it to search for content. From the search results, you select the content you would like to download. Finally, you download and open the NZB in your Usenet client.

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