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Sickbeard automates the downloading, sorting, and renaming of public domain video files from Usenet and torrents, supporting multiple platforms and integrating with SABnzbd and NZBGet.

Despite its complexity, it offers a customizable interface and a helpful community for support. However, it is outdated and surpassed by its alternatives.


Key Takeaways

  • Sickbeard organizes your digital show library
  • Automates downloads and tidies collections
  • Compare its old-school style with current alternatives
  • Decide if Sickbeard suits you or if it’s outdated


Here’s a table with Sickbeard’s features:

PriceFree & open-source
Platform AvailabilityWindows, Mac, Linux
User EngagementActive forum, IRC support channel
Compatibility – Download ClientsIntegrable with SABnzbd, NZBGet
Compatibility – Media ServersIntegrates with media servers like Plex, Kodi for library syncing
Compatibility – Mobile AppsCompatible with mobile apps for remote management like NZB360, NZB Unity, NZBManager, MediaDog
DashboardWeb-browser interface, customizable

Sickbeard can be used in conjunction with NZB360. NZB360 is a popular mobile application designed for managing and monitoring various Usenet services. It supports integration with Sickbeard, allowing users to remotely control and receive updates from their Sickbeard setup directly through their mobile device.

This integration provides a convenient way to manage royalty-free TV show downloads and automate media management tasks while on the go.

Ease of Use – Interface

Sickbeard’s interface is accessible via a web browser, offering users the convenience of managing and automating license-free video downloads from a centralized location. Despite its somewhat complex setup for new users, the program provides an FAQ page with detailed instructions, including video links, to assist in configuration and navigation.

The interface allows for customization of server information, general settings, and search providers through its Configuration tab, ensuring that users can tailor their Sickbeard experience to their preferences.

Supported Services

Here’s a list of the supported services by Sickbeard:

  • NZBget
  • SABnzbd
  • NZB Sites
  • Plex
  • Kodi
  • NZB360

Setting up Sickbeard

Installing Sickbeard is a breeze, whether you’re on Windows, Linux, or OSX, and you’ll need Python and the Cheetah module before you get started. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Install Python and Cheetah Module: Ensure you have Python installed. Install the Cheetah module, which is necessary for Sickbeard.
  2. Install Git: If not already installed, set up Git on your system as it’s required for cloning the SickBeard repository.
  3. Clone SickBeard Repository: Use the command git clone git:// to clone the SickBeard repository.
  4. Run Setup: Navigate to the SickBeard directory and run python to start the installation process.
  5. Configure Sickbeard: Once installed, open Sickbeard and configure the general settings like language, download quality, and post-processing options.
  6. Integrate with Usenet Client: Connect Sickbeard to a Usenet client like SABnzbd or NZBGet by entering the relevant details in Sickbeard’s settings.
  7. Set Up NZB Search Providers: Add your NZB search providers in Sickbeard for finding content. Input details for any NZB indexers you use.
  8. Add TV Shows: Go to ‘Add Shows’ to start adding your non-copyrighted TV shows, specifying the path for downloaded episodes.
  9. Configure Notifications (Optional): Set up notifications for alerts on new copyright-free episode downloads.


Sickbeard is utilized primarily as a personal video recorder (PVR) that automates the searching, downloading, sorting, and renaming of files from Usenet and, to a limited extent, torrents. It seamlessly integrates with popular download clients such as SABnzbd and NZBGet, streamlining the process of managing users’ content downloads.

Despite its complexity and the learning curve for new users, Sickbeard supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and offers an active online forum and IRC channel for real-time support and troubleshooting.

A list of some mobile apps and web interfaces commonly used for remotely managing and receiving notifications from Sickbeard:

  1. NZB Unity
  2. NZBManager
  3. MediaDog
  4. SABMobile
  5. NzbDrone (Sonarr)
  6. CouchPotato Mobile

Membership & Userbase

Sickbeard itself does not offer a traditional membership structure, as the software is completely free to use. However, users are encouraged to become part of the Sickbeard community by participating in some of the active forums, which serve as a platform for user engagement, troubleshooting, and sharing tips for optimizing the use of the software.

Support & Community

Sickbeard, being an open-source PVR application, does not offer traditional customer support services. Instead, users typically rely on community-based support, such as technology forums, Usenet community discussions, and platforms like GitHub for troubleshooting and user guidance.

Sickbeard Review | Still Relevant or Obsolete in 2024?

Editor's Rating:


  • Free and Open-Source
  • Multi-platform – Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Usenet and torrent support
  • Customizable interface
  • Active forum and IRC support
  • Integrates with SABnzbd or NZBGet


  • Complex setup
  • Manual configuration
  • Last updated in 2014
  • Limited torrent provider support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sickbeard sync with Plex or Kodi to auto-update libraries post-download?

Yes, you can integrate Sickbeard with media servers like Plex or Kodi for library synchronization, ensuring your media compatibility is up-to-date after it downloads new content. It’s all about keeping things seamless!

How does Sickbeard manage various file formats/resolutions and prioritize downloads?

You set your preferred file formats and resolutions in Sickbeard, and it’ll prioritize downloading them. It’s got automated sorting to handle compatibility, so you’re free to enjoy your shows hassle-free.

Can Sickbeard work with private trackers and use VPN/proxy for privacy?

With Sickbeard, you can integrate private trackers via tracker configuration, and yes, it does support VPNs for that cloak of anonymity you’re after.

How does Sickbeard secure system/data when working with search providers/download clients?

You’ll want to ensure Sickbeard uses system encryption and user authentication to keep your data safe while it interacts with search providers and download clients. That’s key for your system’s security.

Can mobile apps or web interfaces remotely control and monitor Sickbeard?

You can remotely manage Sickbeard and get notification alerts through various mobile apps or web interfaces, giving you the freedom to keep tabs on your downloads from anywhere.

What Is the Alternative to Sickbeard?

You’re seeking Sickbeard’s alternative? Check out SickRage for automated replacements, better user experience, and robust integration capabilities. It’s compatible with various platforms, offers customization, community support, and handy notification features, all with favorable cost comparison.

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