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7 Best Usenet Provider Reviews

With Usenet, you can share files and communicate affordably, privately, uncensored, and with amazing speeds. Usenet is far from dead and has massively improved over the years while the retention is still increasing. To help you find your ideal Usenet server, we reviewed the top 7 Usenet providers on these criteria: Pricing Speed Retention Completion…

A Possible Competitor For Google Glass

Could Google Glass actually have a competitor to worry about? Though wearable computer head-mounted displays used in an augmented reality type manner have been around for some time, it seems that buzz has been spreading due to the fact that Google is involved in the backing of this product. The Google Glass wearable computer may…

And finally.. some news

It’s been exactly 1 year ago since my last post, so I thought it’s time to write something. You might have noticed that I wasn’t busy with the site. Today is also the day that ShareConnector turned 7. I’m amazed that it’s already been so long since it’s existence. I know this site has become a boring place, so I’ve been thinking what to do with it. Recently I changed the look and feel but I can’t say it’s 100% finished yet, so I’ll tweak some things here and there. Anyway, the idea is to make ShareConnector an useful and helpful place.