Best TV-Links alternatives list

Looking for TV-links alternatives? Someone was so kind to post it so here is a nice list of the best TV-links alternatives around. SurfTheChannel Highly recommended. Alluc One of the better sites. and all the other TV-links alternatives..…

DonkeyServer, BigBang & Byte Devils eDonkey servers down/offline

According to, 12 “BigBang” eD2k servers are being offline for 2 weeks already, after their hosting provider received a cease and desist letter from the dutch anti piracy organization BREIN.

Once again, it shows that their news report is full of deception and misinformation. BREIN claims that those eDonkey servers facilitate and provide illegal content which they offer by payment. Now how ridiculous is that!

eMule 0.49a released “Kad Love”

The new version is finally here. eMule 0.49 concentrates on improving Kad making it more stable, reliable and future proof. Of course other areas got some attention too: The mainfeatures of this version are Major Kad protocol improvements, like kad obfuscation, better NAT handling, direct callbacks, flood protections, etc. Several changes to the message system…