DonkeyServer, BigBang & Byte Devils eDonkey servers down/offline

According to, 12 “BigBang” eD2k servers are being offline for 2 weeks already, after their hosting provider received a cease and desist letter from the dutch anti piracy organization BREIN.

Once again, it shows that their news report is full of deception and misinformation. BREIN claims that those eDonkey servers facilitate and provide illegal content which they offer by payment. Now how ridiculous is that!

DoJ opens the way to the Supreme Court

Right after the humiliating defeat of the DoJ and BREIN, the DoJ instantly signed for Supreme Court within the 2 weeks sign period. It’s not sure yet if the DoJ will take it to the Supreme Court and my guess is they won’t, as it will embarrass them for the third time in a row.

DoJ confirms the appeal for ShareConnector

Recently I got a letter from the Department of Justice, stating that they want a re-trial which they desperately lost back in July 24 2007. I’m really surprised that they want another shot at trying to make us look as criminals. Nobody expected the DoJ to go for an appeal after an embarrassing defeat 2 years ago.

Cyberattacks Signal Need For Internet Security Bill

Banks Get Hit By CyberAttacks The level of cyberattacks levied against US banks over the previous seven months is pushing Congress to move forward quickly on legislation for cyber security. Based on a statement issued by Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan, 15 top banks have been hit with denial of service attacks resulting in nearly…