Sadly, the final DoJ appeal verdict which should have been made public on the 23th of June 2010, did not materialize. Apparently the judges decided to reopen the case and schedule another day of trial.

Nothing is sure though until next week when the lawyers receive the interim judgment. If the case gets reopened, this will violate the rules and upset a lot of people. It again truly shows that this is a major test case and the first of it’s kind, hence the codename “Premiere”.

The judges don’t seem convinced but this is not the way forward, they had almost 6 years time not to screw this up more then it already is. It is evident that the whole process is screwed from the beginning and great injustice has been done to people who are labeled as criminals. They should better end this nonsense right away before it gets even more embarrassing for them and costlier for others.

We will see what the next week brings. Stay tuned for the next weeks update when the interim judgement is known.

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By Adi Moore

Adi MooreFounder
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