Best TV-Links alternatives list

Looking for TV-links alternatives? Someone was so kind to post it so here is a nice list of the best TV-links alternatives around. SurfTheChannel Highly recommended. Alluc One of the better sites. and all the other TV-links alternatives..… taken offline/down

Back in July this year we reported HERE that was one of the fastest growing websites on the internet blasting it’s way into the Alexa top 500 in a matter of months. This week unfortunately has seen the site being forced offline by officers from Gloucestershire County Council trading standards in conjunction with investigators…

War: Hackers Strike Hard Against RIAA Ally

Copyright infringement monitors are the latest target of a well-organized, motivated hacking group. The group calling itself the MediaDefender-Defenders (MDD) has, as promised, struck again, this time leaking what appears to be the full, uncompiled source code to anti-piracy watchdog MediaDefender’s toolset. MediaDefender’s software is used internally on behalf of clients like the RIAA and…

The never ending story of BREIN versus the common (file sharing) people, Part 4.

The court in Rotterdam last Tuesday have mainly cleared the five crew members of the websites Releases4U and ShareConnector, and there host (Mindlab) of copyright infringement, piracy on a large scale and membership of an criminal organization. The DOJ public prosecutor Mrs. A. Drogt had just two weeks ago demanded a fine of 5000 euro and 6 months conditional in jail to all defendants.

Judge Mr. van Klaveren considered the following facts NOT proved: