YouTube ads have become incessant and intrusive, to everyone’s dismay except Google’s.

Beyond the pricey YouTube client, called YouTube Premium, numerous free alternatives exist for ad-free viewing, with added perks like enhanced privacy and reinstated dislike count. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back to the ofical YouTube app.

YouTube without ads

How much does YouTube Premium cost?

The cost of Premium in the United States is $12 per month.

With YouTube’s Premium plan you can watch YouTube videos ad-free, play videos in the background, download, and get YouTube Music Premium as well. YouTube Premium Lite (EU-pilot only) is just free of commercials, without all the other Premium options.

The 5 Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives

The best YouTube Vanced alternative is ReVanced. NewPipe, Sky Tube, LibreTube, Kiwi Browser, & Blokada are other great go-to apps.

Vanced received a restraining order from YouTube in March 2022 to stop offering the app through its official website. Over 25 alternatives to YouTube Vanced are available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and Web-based applications.

Vanced is longer developed but you can still install the latest version with a workaround, however we do not recommend that. Instead, download the ReVanced-manager below.

Block YouTube Ads on Android

ReVanced and ReVanced-Extended

YouTube ReVanced allows to enhance your viewing by removing ads – continuing the legacy of Vanced. It is a modded version of the YouTube interface and doesn’t have an ads and sponsor section. You’ll have a completely seamless experience.

As the best alternative, it offers an array of features like, the ability to download videos, background replay, and more, without requiring any subscription. But this YouTube Vanced replacement also allows users to sign in to their Google accounts so they can download their playlist.

Various Features of YouTube ReVanced

  • Advertisement-Free Experience: Don’t use YouTube and watch your favorite content without any ad interruptions.
  • Video Downloading: Easily download YouTube videos directly to your device.
  • Back ground Play back: Listen to music or podcasts on YouTube while using other apps or when your screen is off.
  • Auto Repeat: Set videos to repeat automatically without manually restarting them.
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode
  • Choice of video quality
  • Supports 4K content
  • Best YouTube client

The Simplicity of ReVanced-Manager

To access these features, download the Community ReVanced-Manager. It provides a user-friendly interface that helps you install, manage, and update all ReVanced applications without any technical hassle.

What About ReVanced-Extended?

For those seeking a lighter program with the same core functionalities, ReVanced-Extended is your go-to. Developed by inotia00, a key contributor to the original project, it offers a similar experience with distinct differences, focusing on a more streamlined and lightweight operation.

Distinct Features of ReVanced-Extended

  • Lightweight: A simpler, more agile version of YouTube ReVanced.
  • Sponsor Block: Automatically skips sponsored segments in videos for a smoother viewing experience.
  • Return YouTube™ Dislike: Brings back the dislike count on YouTube videos, offering a fuller understanding of a video’s reception.

Installation & Downloads

For both ReVanced and ReVanced-Extended, the installation process is straightforward:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the version that best fits your needs.
  3. Download the Community ReVanced-Manager for easy installation and updates.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by the Manager to get started.

Please note, is a community-driven platform and does not represent the official source of ReVanced. The official sources are and

ReVanced is not just software; it’s a community movement. It is driven by the collective effort of enthusiasts devoted to maintaining a clean, no-ads experience on YouTube. By choosing ReVanced, you’re not just enhancing your own experience; you’re part of a larger community focused on bettering online video consumption for all.


NewPipe is actually an substitute for the premium, official YouTube app, that has been around even longer than Vanced. It is open-source and is completely free.
Some of the features of NewPipe:

  • Background playback
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Video downloading
  • Share videos from YouTube on NewPipe
  • Chromecasts without ads
  • Cross-play with Sonudcloud, Peertube and Bandcamp

With this Vanced option, you don’t have to deal with annoying ads. And new features are being added all the time. A big advantage for people who care about their privacy is that with NewPipe you can not log in using your YouTube account.

If convenience is more important to you then this is more of a disadvantage. You can, however, import your Subscriptions. In Vanced you do not have to deal with this.

What we liked is that you can automatically open videos in NewPipe that you have received via a messenger, for example. A disadvantage is that the videos take longer to load because they are redirected, which is not the case with Vanced. What is also not possible is to respond to comments, something that is possible with Vanced.

Overall I had a great video streaming watching experience, and unlike some comments from users online, who claim that with NewsPipe is everything different, it is easy to use and not so much different from the stock YouTube app. NewPipe can be downloaded from the NewPipe web page, GitHub, or F-Droid.

Developer: Team NewPipe
Price: Free


SkyTube has two variants. SkyTube Extra has closed video libraries and is compatible with the YouTube application and supports casting (read-only access to YouTube). The other option is a fully open-sourced (F-droid) YouTube surrogate. It has fewer additional features and updating takes longer.

Besides watching videos free of ads, you can use Sky Tube to Chromecast without ads as well. Enjoy the swipe controls and other great features.

Sky Tube can be downloaded from F-Droid. SkyTube Extra is only available through the SkyTube website.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


The beta version of LibreTube has some nice features and looks interesting despite still being in beta. It is free and open source and retrieves data via NewPipe Extractor.

If you want to get away from Google Play services altogether, and prevent them from tracking you with their cookies and JavaScript, then you will like that LibreTube uses Piped API, which allows you to never connect directly to Google servers.

One of the best features is that Libre lets you choose an intermediate server that sits between your device and Google. You can even register an account on that intermediate server, to customize your feed and remember your favorites and viewing history, without Google services.

Unfortunately, LibreTube is only available on Android. LibreTube allows Chromecasting without advertisements, no ad blocker needed. I have been using this app for years and my user experience has been great.

LibreTube can simply be downloaded via GitHub or F-Droid. After opening the link, scroll down a bit to “Assets” and the file app-arm64-v8a-release.apk should be what you are looking for, as shown in the screenshot.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Kiwi Browser

In addition to those video apps like Vanced, give Kiwi browser a shot. It’s not just for watching trending videos; you can surf the web and jam out to your favorite tunes too.

Because it is based on Chrome you can use adblocker Chrome extensions from the Play Store. It can be tricky to set up but after that, it works well. We tested the following extensions, uBlock Origin, Return YouTube Dislike, YouTube Enhancer, and SponsorBlock.

This allows you to watch high-quality videos without ads although some features are slightly less convenient than with the apps like YouTube Vanced, mentioned above. If you only want to avoid ads then you can use the Brave browser with the built-in ad blocker.

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Developer: Geometry OU
Price: Free
Brave Private Web Browser, VPN
Brave Private Web Browser, VPN

Other Alternatives to Youtube Vanced

  • Piped
  • FreeTube
  • SmartTubeNext
  • Invidious
  • uYouPlus
  • GoTube
  • FreeTube

Installing Vanced on your Android anyway

Despite Google forcing them to stop, there are still ways to install Vanced on your Android. You just have to watch out for fake Vanced on internet sites and app stores.

The advantage is that only with Vanced you can respond to comments. The videos load the fastest because you are logged in via Google’s servers. Options such as dislike and SponsorBlock are also available.

A still working option to installing Vanced anyway is to use the built-in setting to change the download server in Vanced Manager. Download Vanced Manager from Apkmirror, launch it, open the three-point menu, tap ‘About Vanced’, tap the Vanced Team box several times to unlock Dev options.

Go back to the main screen, open the three-dot menu again, tap Settings, tap the cog in the upper right, tap Channel URL, change the URL from to and bam, it works.

As a second alternate option, you can use the latest (v17.03.38) original split APK files (for as long as it works).

Blokada – Block YouTube ads on Android and iOS apps

Blokada is an open-sourced ad-blocker and privacy tool for iOS users and Android users. It allows you to use your phone in an effective way and get rid of ads, trackers, and malware on both the Internet and apps.

You not only protect your privacy with this but also save on your data usage. To avoid YouTube ads, you need to go to the ‘Advanced’ tab in Blokada > select ‘Blocklists’ > select ‘Goodbye Ads’ and then checkmark ‘YouTube’.

You can download Blokada from their website, F-Droid, or AppStore.

Developer: Blocka AB
Price: Free+

Bonus Update: Just when we were about to publish this article, I stumbled across YouTube Pro . It is very similar to Vanced while based on a newer YouTube version. At the moment, casting works in contrast to Vanced.

You need to remove Vanced and microG before installing this app. Sam is a skilled developer who also provides modded Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp apps with better privacy features. However you would need to trust his bytes because his mods are not open-source.

A totally different way to get access to great (video) content is by searching Usenet with an Usenet indexer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch YouTube without ads?

You can watch YouTube for free and without advertising with apps like YouTube Pro, NewPipe, Sky Tube, and LibreTube.

What is the price for an ad-free YouTube experience?

YouTube Premium costs $12 per month (1st-month free trial). Europe has a pilot with YT Premium Lite, which costs 7 Euros per month, which lets you watch YouTube ad-free, but has no other Premium options. However, apps like YouTube Pro, NewPipe, Sky Tube, and LibreTube offer most Premium options for free.

How do I eliminate ads on YouTube iOS and Android?

Blokada is the best YouTube ad-blocker for iOS and Android, which effectively blocks ads, trackers, and malware.

YouTube ads are out of control. Is YouTube no longer free?

YouTube is still free, except you get frequent and intrusive ads with the free version. Check out our top 5 free alt solutions without ads.

What can you do with YouTube Premium?

With Premium, you can watch commercial-free, you have playback options, like play videos in the rear surrounding, download, and get also YouTube Music Premium.

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