According to, 12 “BigBang” eD2k servers are being offline for 2 weeks already, after their hosting provider received a cease and desist letter from the dutch anti piracy organization BREIN.

Once again, it shows that their news report is full of deception and misinformation.
BREIN claims that those eDonkey servers facilitate and provide illegal content which they offer by payment. Now how ridiculous is that!

Also, DonkeyServer 1-6 are down/offline, along with Byte Devils and some other servers which were the major ones. It’s unclear if it has anything to do with BREINs action. It could also mean that other servers decided to shutdown so people would move on to the serverless Kademlia (Kad) network.
This is good news only, no more servers is no more centralization. Kad is a completely decentralized network, which enables searches without the use of an eDonkey server.

Because of this BREINless action, users will move much quicker to the better Kad network, which is of course a good thing.
From now on it’s recommended only to use the Kad network in applications like eMule, aMule and MLDonkey. Forget the eD2k servers, many of them left are fake, setup by anti piracy organizations to monitor you.

By Adi Moore

Adi MooreFounder
Adi, the anti-censorship crusader and tech-preneur, bootstrapped his first venture in 2001 from his attic into a digital empire. With a heart for open dialogue and transparent technology, he tackles censorship like a pro wrestler. Dive into his deep insights on freedom of speech, internet liberation, and his secret info recipe.


  1. BREIN maybe a lice in the fur but still leaving scars.. They use the same tactics as their American counterparts: legal threats without going to court, smaller sites simply have no money to fight them since they are only hobbyists.

  2. Having removed all remaining ED2K servers from eMule and only connecting Kad, I \’ve found that Kad is now working better than ever. No lengthy wait periods like ed2k, the full bandwidth is used.

  3. kad is/has been for awhile working very well. i\’m wondering if it\’s even worth connecting to the few remaining fake free ed2k servers left. from the two sites that i load them from, the working amount went from around 60 something to the low teens.

  4. This sucks…I guess I have to use Kad only which means I won\’t get nearly as many sources because I download rare files! Even though most ed2k servers are fake all you need are a few good legit ones to get everything you need. And the TVU servers are the only ones I can think of that are valid in the US.

  5. the only downside to kad is that people out there need to know how to work with their routers and/or many dsl modems (depending on how thier connection is set up), to figure how to open tcp/udp ports to make it fully function. other than that it seems much better over the last year, sometimes providing more results than the ed2k servers did when they were there.

  6. They are funny, to celebrate this i will open the valves.
    Long live the KAD network.
    I wonder what will happen to the torrents sites… If they shut them down i bet KAD will become THE super node. When that happen, you will thank the RIAA, and finaly have a unified network. :)

  7. \”the only downside to kad is that people out there need to know how to work with their routers\”

    Not everyone has control of their routers. This is a major pitfall of KAD, for me and a few people I know. Didn\’t the overnet network work in this situation? Why can\’t KAD?

  8. all servers in the trueservers.met list are tested and 100% ok.
    September 19th, 2007


    Well, well, well…

    you don\’t get em all do you?!? So 100% OK is not true at all…



    which in fact is owned by \”s.v.r. consulting\” (from canada btw) who are actively antip2p on bt and other networks as well, as we see here. heh

  9. Oh geez, sounds like BREIN is trying anything to win a case since it lost a major one against SC. I was wondering what happened to the DonkeyServers. I noticed that the Razorback 3.0/3.1 is still alive those have been around for a while, they still safe?

  10. KAD doesn\’t work through my work firewall. kAD has problems through most firewalls that use a HTTP proxy that can only use port 80

  11. KAD is rather useless for rare files, and then if you are not interested in rare files you\’re better off with Torrents anyway… An ed2k server network is important for this, and because of it there will always be some servers around

  12. depends what you consider rare. i\’m not that much into mainstream music and more and more over the last year, kad has produced equal results for me. most things that showed up in ed2k servers that were not in kad results were old and non-existing files that would sit in the queue forever with no sources.

  13. i don\’t know about this difficulty with \’rare\’ files, i download a lot of obscure films and i\’ve been getting better results, across the board, on kad for maybe the past 6 months at least…

  14. hei

    i am running peerguardian, doesn\’t that make it safer?

    also, i might be the lamest.. but how can i search if i am connected only to KAD? it says i am not online on any server..

  15. you don’t get em all do you?!? So 100% OK is not true at all…



    which in fact is owned by “s.v.r. consulting” (from canada btw) who are actively antip2p on bt and other networks as well, as we see here.

    you\’ra right.
    this ip is now removed.

  16. If you are looking for Rare files, you may try DC++
    I have found it to be very fast if you are downloading from Swedish or American users. Depends on your connection I suppose.

  17. THey should go after the European downloaders, The Germans seem to think that you must download everything for free it is bad to buy anything. The Germans seem to be the worst with the stealing

  18. I use emule for downloading rare files by someone called royce da 5\’9 the ED2K servers are hopeless for downloading these kinds of files with an average of 20 results per server where as in The Kad network my first search resulted in 331 results although Th ED2K Server would have to be the best for speed depending on the download and sources

  19. eMule+KAD is the best for rare movies. It\’s much better than DC++ (even bittorrent site Demonoid is better than DC++ at rarities). For example, right now I\’m downloading a 700MB file and I\’m half way (after 8 hours; I have a slow connection). 40 sources of which 15 has contributed so far. Of these, 3 are KAD, 6 \”passive\”, 3 source exchange and 3 ED2K servers. My best source in the list is a passive eMule client with KAD disabled. Of the 25 in the list which have the file but has given me nothing so far, only 1 is an ED2K server. Conclusion: Without ED2K servers, we who look for rare files will be much worse off. BTW, I\’m using Razorback or Saugstube, no problems with them. Don\’t know if they are fake or real but they have existed for a very long time so I\’m hoping they\’re real.

  20. i used to get on the byte devils server every time but it has been offline for ages now. The roster of others is lame and always far more dodgy then byte devils which was my main link for countless years.
    Fuck all these p2p haters trying to stifle inovation

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  22. It is actually true, they do ask payment for using EMULE nowadays. Even though u can still connect to the networks by using the free versions, emule as a main program is indeed paid.

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