Discover the value and simplicity of StingyUsenet’s Usenet service, ideal for those seeking cost-effective, long-term solutions with essential features.

While boasting affordable plans and solid performance, be mindful of its limitations, including the potential for improved retention and limited customer support information.

Uncover the balance between speed, price, and security to see if StingyUsenet fits your needs.

Packages with Speed and Price

When looking at StingyUsenet, they have a clear focus on value with their layered packages. They have balanced speed and cost reasonably, with longer subscriptions offering better savings.

See the table below to get an idea of what you can expect with each plan.

PlanPayment PricePrice / Month
STINGY 30 (days)€4.95€4.95
STINGY 180 (days)€28.95€4.83
STINGY 365 (days)€54.95€4.58

All features – Binary retention and SSL

The packages from StingyUsenet combine affordability with comprehensive features, offering 2400 days of binary retention and secure SSL encryption for all options. User feedback praises the simplicity and security, something you can’t find in the FreeDiscussions reviews.

Each StingyUsenet package includes:

  • Binary retention up to 2400 days
  • SSL encryption
  • Up to 50 connections
  • Speeds unlimited

StingyUsenet backbone(s)

StingyUsenet uses the Abavia / HW Media backbone.

Provider data

NameNectoFarm B.V. (StingyUsenet)
AddressPrümelaan 47, Arnhem, The Netherlands
E-mail support

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Systems – PayPal, iDeal, Bankcontact/Mister Cash, Alipay, Sofort, GiroPay, Multibanco, EPS, Przelewy24
  • Coin Payments – Bitcoin and 175 other crypto currencies

Experiences and reviews

One customer, who reviewed StingyUsenet on UsenetVergelijker, described it as a satisfactory provider but mentioned that the retention could be improved. Check our UseNight review for higher retention and half the price during off-hours.

Another customer, complimented the service for its good value, noting that while the retention could be higher, it had not yet been an issue for him. The EasyUsenet review by our team also found a high level of satisfaction among customers.

StingyUsenet offers a simple, affordable Usenet service starting at less than five euros. Regardless of the subscription, you get unlimited speed, 50 connections, and free SSL encryption. The service performs well, even during peak hours, with a retention of 2400 days and a privacy-focused support team.

Best for: Individuals or small businesses looking for a cost-effective Usenet service with decent retention times and reasonable speeds.

Pros StingyUsenet:

  • Affordable packages with a simple pricing model
  • SSL encryption
  • Bitcoin payments

Cons StingyUsenet:

  • Retention could be improved
  • Limited information on customer support and potentially slow response times
  • No trial period offered

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