Dual screen or multi-monitor tearing with NVIDIA, AMD / ATi or Intel in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal was introduced. Thankfully there is an easy workaround to have tear free video on all screens.

I tested this with NVIDIA and TV-Out and it works even better then in previous Ubuntu releases. I don’t have to choose anymore on which screen to sync in the NVIDIA X Server Settings.

Open CompizConfig-settings manager (if you don’t find it, just install it from Ubuntu Software Center) and look for the plugin Workarounds.

  • Check -> Force full screen redrews (buffer swap) on repaint
  • Uncheck -> Don’t wait for video sync

Open NVIDIA X Server Settings

  • Enable X Server XVideo Settings -> Sync to VBlanck
  • Enable OpenGL Settings -> Sync to VBlank
  • Disable DFP…(name of your screen) -> Force Full Gpu Scaling (for me this is not necessary to do)

Open Startup Applications and add a new program:

  • Name: antitearing
  • Command: bash -c “sleep 2; compiz –replace”

Reboot and enjoy a tear free screen!

By Adi Moore

Adi MooreFounder
Adi, the anti-censorship crusader and tech-preneur, bootstrapped his first venture in 2001 from his attic into a digital empire. With a heart for open dialogue and transparent technology, he tackles censorship like a pro wrestler. Dive into his deep insights on freedom of speech, internet liberation, and his secret info recipe.

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