Tired of missing articles? We’ve filtered through the noise to serve up some straight-shooting deals. Pick the backbone relevant to your situation.

What is the Best Usenet Block Account?

The best choice depends on your specific requirements. Take a look at ShareConnector’s top 4 recommendations below.

1NewsDemon1000$30*$0.03YesUsenetExpress4,448+ days
2NewsgroupDirect2000$75$0.0375NoUsenetExpress4,465+ days
3UsenetPrime1000$35$0.035No UsenetExpress4,000+ days
4Tweaknews500€45€0.09NoHW Media4,500+ days
Plans with the lowest Price/GB ratio
* Special ShareConnector deal – includes 1 mo. FREE VPN

Make sure to grab one of our top picks as your main subscription besides your block account(s). ShareConnector recommends Newshosting for US and Eweka for Europe.

Click here to learn which backbone provider to choose.

Now let’s examine our editor’s top 5 Usenet block account picks, ensuring transparency.

1. NewsDemon – Best for Backup Access


NewsDemon has non-expiring block-plans that provide customers with a set amount of bandwidth without the need for a subscription. These block-plans only expire when the allocated amount has been used up and come with a wide range of features.

You can choose from 100GB, 500 GB and 1 TB packages based on your specific needs, which is not a huge choice but covers most needs. In terms of pricing, NewsDemon delivers competitive rates starting at $10 for 100GB and going up to $60 for 1000GB. The 500GB package stands in the middle as all 3 plans have the same Price/GB ratio of $0.06/GB.

With our special deal, that ShareConnector agreed with NewsDemon, you get 1TB for half the price –> $30,- plus a free VPN (for 1 month).

You can enjoy uncensored access to over 107,000 news groups and benefit from features like free headers, 4390+ day binary retention, and a free newsreader.

Block plans:

  • 100 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB
Retention-daysConnectionsGigabyteTop Block Deal

2. NewsgroupDirect – Best Triple Backbone


NewsgroupDirect is a reputable UN-provider with block-plans and good customer support. Their blocks never expire and include 4438 days of binary retention, free posting, and the ability to share with friends. Prices range from $6 for 50GB to $75 for a 2000GB block. They also offer plans with the Supernews, Vipernews, and UsenetExpress backbones.

Enjoy the free 7-day trial for new customers (paying with US credit cards), excluding block-plans. With server locations in the USA, Netherlands, and Germany, NewsgroupDirect provides reliable Usenet.

Block plans:

  • 50 GB
  • 100 GB
  • 250 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB
  • 2000 GB
Retention-daysConnectionsGigabyteTop Block Deal

3. UsenetPrime – Best for Speed and Support


UsenetPrime is a popular Usenet provider known for its high completion rates and fast download speeds. With servers in the US and Europe, it offers a reliable and secure Usenet experience.

UsenetPrime offers block plans for Usenet access, with 1TB block costing $35. The block plans allow users to access Usenet without a recurring subscription and can be a cost-effective option for those who don’t require regular access.

Their affordable regular plans and unlimited downloads make it a top choice for users seeking access to a vast array of newsgroups. The service also includes 24/7 customer support to ensure a smooth user experience.

Block plans:

  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB
Retention-daysConnectionsGigabyteTop Block Deal

4. Tweaknews – Best Alternative Backbone


Tweaknews, a Dutch Usenet provider, has an array of Usenet block packages, including the popular 100 gigabyte package, designed to deliver quick and reliable entry to news groups without the need for a subscription. For those of you who value the liberty to hop in and out as you please, Tweaknews is your go-to.

Exploring block pricing, you’ll find that Tweaknews hits a sweet spot with its €13 deal for 100GB – that’s a stash of data that’s all yours, with no strings attached. The fairest block-deal in terms of price/GB is the 500GB package.

When looking at completion rates, Tweaknews stands out. Their robust Highwinds news feed means you’re less likely to hit a dead end when searching for that elusive post. It’s like having a backstage pass to the vast world of Usenet, ensuring you get what you’re after without the monthly tether.

Block plans:

  • 10 GB
  • 50 GB
  • 100 GB
  • 250 GB
  • 500 GB
Retention-daysSpeed Mbit/sGigabyteTop Block Deal

5 Criteria for Choosing a Block Account Provider

Consider these five criteria to choose the best block account that fits your needs.

Parallel Backbones (to your monthly plan)

Often people order one or several block accounts in parallel to their monthly account. This way you can find additional data (fill in the missing articles), that isn’t available through your primary (monthly) plan. Therefore it is important to choose a block account that operates on a different backbone, otherwise you’ll get the same results.

Usenet Provider Reliability

Reliability is a key concern when contrasting Usenet-providers. Consistent netspeed and uninterrupted connections are crucial factors to consider. Companies like Newshosting, Easynews and Eweka are fast and have industry leading retention, while other backbones can fill the gap of missing articles.

User-Experience and Speeds

Efficiency is key in Usenet block-accounts. NewsgroupDirect is the only provider in our top block accounts overview that allows account sharing, which can be an important pro for some users. Tweaknews delivers lightning-fast loadspeeds of up to 100 Mb/s with their optimized infrastructure, while NewsDemon gives you a seamless user-experience and is lightning-fast.

Additionally, NewsgroupDirect stands out with its extensive storage time, great block selection, and reliable performance.

Block Account Pricing structure

The block account pricing structure typically involves purchasing a set amount of data at a fixed price, and the best way to compare prices is by calculating the cost per gigabyte (GB). ShareConnector has provided a review that includes this price comparison method for your convenience.

The Varied Block Account Sizes

Block accounts vary in size to meet diverse Usenet user needs. Whether you download alt binaries, music, videos, ebooks, software, or whatever, you only pay for what you get. Evaluating completion rates is crucial for accessing complete files.

  • Freedom of Choice: Pick a block that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily downloader.

  • Cost-Effective Strategies: Invest in what you need, avoid overspending, and relish the value.

  • Reliability for Peace of Mind: Depend on companies that deliver complete files, making every byte count.

Block Account Versus Monthly Plan Comparison

Evaluate which block-plan is more cost-effective.

  1. Analyze your monthly download-volume.
  2. Calculate the duration of block plans based on your download needs.
  3. Correlate these calculations to your current monthly fee.

The price per gigabyte typically decreases with larger blocks, but rates vary widely. Besides cost, consider connection limits and potential speed-restrictions in block Usenet accounts.

Also, be mindful of the backbone-providers when choosing a block account deal. Like, NewsgroupDirect, doesn’t offer the Triple Backbones that you get with their top subscription package.

Choose wisely, embrace the freedom of variety, and dive into the Usenet experience tailored just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do VPNs affect the performance and reliability of Usenet block accounts?

Using a VPN can affect Usenet block-account performance, as encryption could slow speeds and server distance could impact reliability. Yet, it ensures privacy for those prioritizing unmonitored entry and freedom online.

Any lesser-known UN-services with competitive block account deals?

Exploring less prominent UN-services can uncover block account deals delivering significant value and longevity. Diverse UN service choices cater to those valuing freedom and seeking alternatives to mainstream recommendations.

Is there a difference in retention between paid block accounts and free Usenet?

Paid block accounts often boast superior article-retention, ensuring quality and breadth, while free Usenet might have limitations impacting article longevity and availability, affecting those valuing comprehensive entry and archival freedom.

Can block accounts be shared among users? If yes, what are the typical policies or restrictions?

Some block accounts can be shared, but legality varies by UN-service. Typically, account splitting is against terms-of-service, leading to potential restrictions or bans for those seeking shared accounts and freedom in usage.

What Are Common Methods of Payment for Usenet Block Accounts?

Common payment methods include credit cards and cryptocurrencies, with the latter giving more anonymity. Providers mitigate credit card risks through secure encryption, respecting your desire for privacy and freedom in transactions.

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