Cloud storage: Google vs Apple vs Microsoft

There was a time when 10 GB was enough space needed for data, but with advancements in technology, people need more and more space. With space they need security of their data as well as backup too. Now people have hard drives in TB, but still there are times when people need their data and…

Civil Appeal Verdict Again Lacks the Logic

After the unspecified reason for the delay of the civil case verdict, it finally arrived on march 16th. The first civil case has been acknowledged and again it’s been said that it’s no copyright infringement, however it’s a wrongful act to index hash-codes.

Civil Appeal Verdict & DoJ Resume Postponed

It’s looking awfully familiar, the waiting game is in full effect again. The civil appeal verdict should have been more then 2 weeks ago, but without a word from the court, it looks like it’s postponed for an unspecified time. Unsurprisingly, the DoJ appeal resume has also been delayed from 27th January to 14th of April 2010.

Changing The Way We Watch TV

Since the creation and widespread uptake of the television set, it was always the same situation – TV programmes aired at particular times and prior to video and DV recorders, we sat avidly watching our favourite programmes and fitting our lives around the TV schedule. For decades this remained the same way but since the…

Case Invalidated. ShareConnector Wins

After six years of battles in court, the final verdict declares this whole case as non-suit. Simply put, the Public Prosecution Service has no valid case since the investigation and prosecution of the victims was illegal and based on evident lies. It’s a major blow to BREIN and everyone involved against us.