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NinjaCentral was an open NZB (-indexing) site, that offers an user-friendly, efficient search, and tiered membership with several rewards.

It emphasizes a community-centric model, providing regular platform updates and is known for its diverse content.


Key Takeaways

  • NinjaCentral offers a friendly interface and efficient search capabilities with diverse content
  • Tiered membership system with rewards, including unlimited NZBs
  • Paid Only: Lifetime plans gone
  • Committed to regularly updating the platform


FeatureDescription for NinjaCentral
Trial Period
RegistrationWas open, now invite only
Subscription Durations / PlansMultiple plans including Ninja Dan 1, Ninja Dan 5, Ninja Dan Shaolin x Lifetime, Sensei Lifetime
Price (paid plans)Ninja Dan 1: $15, Ninja Dan 5: $22, Ninja Dan Shaolin x Lifetime: $100, Sensei Lifetime: $60
Free NZBsUnclear
Free API’sUnclear
Frequency of Index-UpdatesEvery 15 minutes
RetentionNo information
Third-Party IntegrationsFull API, Rotten Tomatoes, TVrage, SickBeard, CouchPotato
Security Measures
Groups Crawled
Search FiltersSearch through category links, file age, size, stats
RSS-SupportRSS feed
Customer-SupportForums, IRC channel #NinjaCentral
Payment MethodsPayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum
Status/Uptime ChartsUptime average of 98% over a month, response time about 800 milliseconds
Exclusive Features for PremiumInvites, increased daily API usage and NZB grabs, Plex-access for lifetime subscribers

While NinjaCentral might not rank among the best NZB databases, it offers a range of impressive features.


NinjaCentral is based on the Newznab platform, known for its simplicity and ease of use. The website’s layout is well-organized, offering several good menu options without appearing cluttered, and main categories are clearly labeled according to file types.

This intuitive design allows you to easily browse through NZB files and utilize specific subcategories for efficient searching and downloading. Ninja Central provides access to a wide range of newsgroups.

Uptime and Responsiveness

Ninja Central has demonstrated a commendable uptime record, with no instances of downtime recorded as of the last update. This consistent reliability indicates that the site is well-maintained and available most of the time.

Additionally, the website’s responsiveness is notably efficient, with an average response time of 1265 milliseconds, ensuring a smooth and quick interaction. This combination of high uptime and prompt responsiveness contributes significantly to a positive experience on Ninja Central.

Content Indexing

Ninja Central focuses primarily on categorizing NZB files, having shifted away from torrents in their UN-index. The site boasts a continually growing library of files from ominous popular newsgroups. This extensive and ever-expanding collection ensures you can use a wide array of content.

Files on Ninja Central are well-categorized according to genre, making it easier for you to find specific types of content. The regular updates, occurring every 15 minutes, suggest a commitment to providing current and comprehensive NZB-access. If you wish to combine all your favorite NZB indexers into one place, read our NZBHydra2 review.

To fully leverage the advantages of NZB sites and search engines, securing a high-retention and reliable Usenet provider is essential. Our top picks are Eweka and Newshosting.


Ninja Central’s tiered membership offers increasing benefits for engagement, from basic entry to exclusive rewards for donors. Contributions get you extra invites, increased NZB grabs and API hits, and perks like lifetime membership and Plex-access.

Since Black Friday 2023, NinjaCentral has transitioned to a paid-only model and has discontinued its lifetime plans. Here are the key changes:

  1. Effective immediately, all non-paying accounts, including those that were previously paid, have been removed from the platform.
  2. Additionally, NinjaCentral no longer provides the option for “lifetime” accounts.
  3. Rest assured, existing lifetime account holders will continue to enjoy their benefits as before.
  4. For new users who receive invitations, please note that you now have a 14-day window to make a payment before your account is deleted.
FeatureNinja Dan 1Ninja Dan 5Ninja Dan Shaolin x LifetimeSensei Lifetime
NZB Grabs20030050003000
Additional NoteIncludes Plex-accessIncludes Plex-access

Here’s a snapshot of what paid members can expect:

  • Priority-Access: Jump the queue with invites reserved just for you.
  • Spread the Freedom: Share invites with friends who value open sharing.
  • Boost Your Status: Enhance your standing within the Ninja Central community.
  • Connect More: Forge stronger connections through the donor network.

The screenshot below was taken from a forum thread and speaks for itself. The choice is yours.


Ninja Central offers customer-support primarily through email, with members able to reach out to the team at [email protected] for any comments, suggestions, or inquiries. Additionally, the site provides a forum page where you can find further information, discuss issues, or seek help from other community members.

For real-time assistance and community interaction, Ninja Central also maintains an IRC channel (#NinjaCentral) on, fostering a more direct and communal-support environment. This multi-channel approach to customersupport ensures you have some avenues to seek help and engage with the Ninja Central community.


Ninja Central actively engages its members, valuing their feedback and suggestions to shape the community. Beyond downloads, it hosts exciting events and competitions, fostering a space for camaraderie and friendly competition. It’s a welcoming environment for those who seek connection and freedom within a vibrant community.

NinjaCentral Review | Paid Only: Lifetime plans gone in 2024

Editor's Rating:


  • Multiple Membership Levels
  • 14 days free trial
  • Indexer refreshes every 15 minutes.
  • API Integrations
  • Active Community Support forums and IRC channel.
  • Reliable Uptime


  • Paid Only. Lifetime plans gone
  • Retention Unclear
  • Privacy Policy Vague
  • Money grab
  • Treatment of previously paid accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share My Account With Friends or Is It Strictly for Individual Use?

Ninja Central’s account policies do not permit shared usage; accounts are intended for individual use only. Violation of this policy may lead to account suspension or termination.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Costs After I Sign up for a Membership?

Ninja Central maintains payment transparency, ensuring no hidden fees post-registration. Membership costs are clear upfront, with various levels to match your needs, fostering a sense of financial freedom.

How Does Ninja Central Ensure the Privacy and Security?

How much do you value your digital privacy? Ninja Central safeguards userdata through stringent authentication protocols and robust encryption standards, ensuring your freedom and security remain uncompromised.

What Measures Does Ninja Central Take to Comply With DMCA Requests or Other Legal Inquiries?

Ninja Central employs strict content moderation to ensure legal compliance. They swiftly address DMCA requests and other legal inquiries to maintain a secure and free environment for their community.

Is There a Recommendation System in Place to Help Discover New Content on the Platform?

Ninja Central may enhance content discovery with recommendation algorithms, allowing you to effortlessly find new and appealing content, fostering a sense of freedom in navigating the vast number of indexed files.

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