Newznab is a user-friendly Usenet indexing application that facilitates the easy creation and management of Usenet communities.
Its robust platform comes in both free and premium versions, offering a range of features tailored to meet different user needs.


Unleash the power of effortlessly building Usenet communities with Newznab, your go-to Usenet indexing application.

With both free and premium versions on offer, explore a plethora of features designed to meet diverse user requirements.

Step into a simplified Usenet management experience and unlock endless possibilities with Newznab today!

Key Takeaways

  • Newznab is a software that runs on Apache server, making it accessible to anyone with a spare server.
  • It provides an ideal way for experimentation without the need to create a public USENET index.
  • Backfilling a group for any length of time can be a time-consuming process.
  • Newznab Classic is a free version that contains all the necessary features for a Usenet Indexing site, while Newznab Plus is the paid version with additional features and regular updates.


Newznab software boasts a range of features and capabilities that make it an essential tool for Usenet indexing. One of its key strengths is the ability to run on Apache server, making it accessible to anyone with a spare server. This allows users to experiment with the software without the need to create a public USENET index.


Additionally, Newznab offers customizability options, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, Newznab can be seamlessly integrated with other Usenet tools, enhancing its functionality and versatility.

Feature Newznab ClassicNewznab Plus
Basic FunctionalityUsenet IndexingUsenet Indexing
Message OrganizationGrouping of MessagesGrouping of Messages
Search Engine SupportSphinx CompatibilitySphinx & MySql Search
SEOSEO OptimizedSEO Optimized
NZB File HandlingNZB GenerationNZB Generation
CMS CapabilitiesBasic CMS FunctionsAdvanced CMS Features
LicenseGPLv3 (Free)Paid
SupportStandardEnhanced Support
Thumbnail SupportAvailable
Cache SupportMemcache/APC
Archive File ListingFull RAR Listings
Media InfoIntegrated
Role LimitationsCMS Role Restrictions

Whether it’s message grouping, Sphinx integration, SEO-friendly features, or NZB creation, Newznab provides a comprehensive solution for users seeking liberation and control in their Usenet indexing endeavors. We also reviewed the NZB360 support..


Newznab excels in user-friendliness, with an intuitive interface and robust features such as message grouping and NZB creation that simplify Usenet management. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Usenet user, Newznab provides a seamless experience that helps you tap into the full potential of Usenet.

Sites that use Newznab

Take a look how the software is used in our NZBFinder review. Here are some sites that use Newznab:

Price / Packages

Dive into the details of Newznab’s pricing options, designed to fit every user’s needs. Whether you’re interested in the cost-effective Newznab Classic or eyeing the feature-rich Newznab Plus, they’ve got you covered.

Newznab Classic (Free Version)

Newznab Classic is the free version that lets you dive into Usenet indexing. It’s perfect for personal use or testing your server’s capabilities. With the GPLv3 license, you can start using it right away. Enjoy its key features as outlined in the table above.

Newznab Plus (Paid Version)

Newznab Plus is the premium version that amps up your Usenet indexing game for €20. It’s packed with advanced features, as detailed in the table above, making it a solid investment. From powerful search options and customization to automation and priority support, Newznab Plus has got you covered.


For immediate help with any issues you might encounter, Newznab offers a chat service that provides real-time assistance. They also have a support email address listed on their website for more direct communication.

If you’re more into community-driven support, forums and social platforms are often used by Newznab users for troubleshooting and advice. Given the community-focused approach of Newznab, these online communities can be a valuable resource when you run into problems.

Newznab Review | Usenet Indexing Application

Editor's Rating:


  • Supports private USENET indexing.
  • Good for hardware testing.
  • Free and paid versions.
  • Paid version has extra features.


  • Limited customer support.
  • Advanced features not free.
  • No clear edge over competitors.
  • Limited performance reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the System Requirements for Running Newznab Software?

The system requirements for running Newznab encompass compatibility with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems, as well as the Apache web server. The application is crafted in PHP, Pear, and MySQL, and is available in two separate editions. To fully utilize its features, a Usenet account is also a prerequisite.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Create a USENET Indexer Using Newznab?

Creating a Usenet indexer using Newznab software can be a slow and time-consuming process. The time frame for completion varies depending on factors such as server capabilities and the size of the index.

Can Newznab Classic Be Used for Commercial Purposes?

Newznab Classic can be used for commercial purposes, offering commercial viability and monetization strategies. It allows individuals to create a Usenet indexing site for personal use or to test hardware capacity.

What Are the Additional Features Offered in Newznab Plus?

Newznab Plus offers a range of additional features compared to other Usenet software. These features enhance the functionality and performance of Newznab, providing users with more options and capabilities for their Usenet indexing needs.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions on the Number of Groups That Can Be Backfilled Using Newznab?

There are no limitations or restrictions on the number of groups that can be backfilled using Newznab. It allows users to efficiently backfill newsgroups without any constraints or limitations.

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