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NZBKing is a comprehensive Usenet search indexer that simplifies browsing Usenet messages by scanning binary newsgroups for new materials and organizing them using a pattern-matching algorithm.

It lacks registration and offers free usage, catering to a wide audience with its friendly interface, extensive content-indexing, and effective retention capabilities for binary NZB-files.


Key Takeaways

  • NZBKing is a Usenet search index that scans and categorizes messages in binary groups.
  • It uses a pattern-matching algorithm for categorization.
  • NZBKing is a free public indexer.
  • It simplifies browsing Usenet messages and direct downloading of NZBs.
  • Offers access to a wide range of Usenet newsgroups with millions of NZB files available for search.


Here’s a table with NZBKing features:

Trial PeriodN/A
RegistrationPublic and open
Subscription Durations / PlansFree to use, no specific plans
Price (paid membership)N/A
Free NZBsFree to search and download NZBs
Free API’s
Frequency of Index UpdatesContinuously scanning for new content
Retention4000+ days of retention for NZBKing
Third-Party IntegrationsSonarr or Radarr
Security MeasuresPattern-matching algorithm for indexing posts
UN-Groups Crawled3568 scrawled newsgroups
Search FiltersAdvanced NZBsearch engine available with filetype, UN-group, poster, date, size, etc.
RSS Support
Customer SupportEmail support
Payment Methods
Status/Uptime ChartsUptime averages: Last Year 99.764%
Exclusive Features for Premium


NZBKing utilizes a custom interface that prioritizes convenience and efficient search functionality, employing the Python programming language. With a powerful Sphinx database and an advanced indexing algorithm in its search, you can expect rapid and precise search results, indexed at an impressive rate of 10-15 MB of text per second.

Additionally, the search server, crafted in C++, supports multiple operatingsystems including Linux, macOS, Solaris, and Windows, enhancing accessibility and experience across different platforms.

Uptime and Responsiveness

NZBKing demonstrates reliable uptime and responsiveness, as evidenced by their recent uptime statistics showing consistently high availability. Over the last few weeks, the website has recorded minimal downtime, maintaining an average uptime above 99% across various timeframes, including the last 24 hours, week, month, and year.

Moreover, their server response times are commendably swift, with an average response time of 701 milliseconds, indicative of their commitment to providing a stable and efficient experience.

Content Indexing

NZBKing offers an extensive indexing capability, efficiently managing a vast collection of Usenet posts. They currently index over 200 million Usenet posts, spanning 3500 newsgroups, and offers you access to a substantial library with up to 60+ petabytes of data.

The indexing process is powered by a Sphinx database, which is capable of indexing 10-15 MB of text per second, ensuring a comprehensive and rapidly updated search experience for you. This robust indexing capacity, combined with NZBKing’s long retention period of 4000+ days for binaries, makes it a valuable resource for those seeking a wide range of Usenet-files.

Easynews is our top choice for Usenet access, but when it comes to finding specific files that may be challenging to locate, NZBKing proves to be an invaluable tool that simplifies the process effortlessly.


NZBKing offers a straightforward and user-friendly membership model: No membership and no registration. Their service is entirely free to use, meaning accessible to a wide range of users.


NZBKing provides support primarily through direct email communication, allowing you to address your concerns and queries efficiently. You can reach out to the support team by emailing [email protected].


NZBKing does not have a community forum or discussion area where members can ask questions and exchange experiences like NinjaCentral. The primary mode of support mentioned is via direct email communication.

NZBKing uses effective measures to ensure the quality and integrity of its NZBs, making it one of the best NZB indexer.

NZBKing Review | Open Usenet Search in 2024

Editor's Rating:


  • Wide Access: 3568 Usenet groups
  • Good Retention
  • Easy NZB Creation
  • User-Friendly
  • Free Use


  • Limited Filtering
  • Basic Interface
  • Requires Usenet Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NZBKing support integration with Sonarr and Radarr for media management?

You can integrate NZBKing with Sonarr or Radarr, but you’ll face some integration challenges. Look up setup tutorials to ease the process and enjoy the freedom of automated media management.

How Does NZBKing Handle DMCA Takedown Requests or Other Legal Issues?

You’re wondering how NZBKing deals with legal stuff, right? They handle DMCA takedowns by removing specific content, keeping Usenet legality in check.

What privacy and security options does NZBKing offer, aside from VPN usage?

While NZBKing lacks built-in security options, users can enhance privacy through SSL encryption with their Usenet providers. This straightforward solution offers peace of mind and safeguarded searches for those who value freedom in their online experience.

How does NZBKing ensure NZB file quality and what if you encounter a corrupt or incomplete file?

With over 140 million files, NZBKing’s file verification system tackles corrupt downloads. If you hit a snag, your feedback’s vital—helping improve everyone’s freedom to access quality, complete files fuss-free.

Does NZBKing host files?

NZBKing does not host files themselves but instead provides links or information (in the form of NZB files) that allow users to locate and download files from other servers or sources. So, they don’t store the actual content but facilitate the search and retrieval of files from other locations.

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