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NZBPlanet is a popular NZB indexing site offering both free and paid memberships, with a strong emphasis on community-driven content and premium features such as high retention rates and integrated calendars for upcoming releases.

While it provides organized access to Usenet content through NZB files, users still require a separate Usenet service provider for downloading.


Key Takeaways

  • Multiple membership levels for different needs
  • User-friendly interface with easy searching of NZB files and categorized browsing.
  • Updated every 15 minutes, providing up-to-date indexing of 2 million NZBs from over 300 newsgroups.
  • Bitcoin payments


Here’s a table with NZBPlanet features:

Trial PeriodNo free trial – invite-only site – free plan
Subscription Durations / PlansVIP, Platinum, and Love Us Long Time levels available
Price (paid membership)Free: $0, VIP: $9/yr, Platinum: $24/yr, Love Us Long Time: $80/lifetime
Free NZBs0 NZBs for free members
Free API’s0 API hits for free accounts
Frequency of Index UpdatesEvery 15 minutes
Retention2500 days
Third-Party IntegrationsAPI integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, etc.
Security MeasuresSHA-1 SSL Certificate
Groups CrawledOver 300 newsgroups crawled
Search Filters
AdvertisementsAds with free accounts
RSS SupportRSS feeds for VIP, Platinum and Love Us Long Time levels
Customer SupportContact form on their site and an active forums page
Payment MethodsCredit cards and Bitcoin payments
Status/Uptime ChartsAverage response time: 437 milliseconds; Uptime Averages: 99.92% last year
Exclusive Features for PremiumUnlimited NZB downloads, full retention, advanced royalty-free TV/movies watchlist, no site adverts, bookmark system, download individual files from an NZB, screenshots, saved searches


Seamlessly explore NZB indexes with NZBPlanet, which offers a Newznab-based interface for efficient and quick location of Usenet listings. Although NZBPlanet facilitates precise searches for NZB files across various categories, downloading requires an external Usenet provider. The platform’s specialty lies in helping you quickly identify the NZBs you desire, streamlining the search without the clutter.

Uptime and Responsiveness

NZBPlanet maintains an impressive track record for uptime, boasting 100% availability over the last day, week, and month, ensuring users have consistent and reliable access to the service. The site’s responsiveness is equally remarkable, with an average response time of 437 milliseconds, indicating quick feedback and swift interactions for a streamlined user experience.

These uptime and responsiveness metrics not only reflect NZBPlanet’s commitment to service quality but also contribute to its reputation as a dependable NZB site for the Usenet community.

Content Indexing

NZBPlanet prides itself on a robust content indexing system, leveraging the Newznab platform to update and organize over 2 million NZBs across various newsgroups, ensuring a vast selection of content for users. With index updates happening every 15 minutes, subscribers have access to the most current files and releases. For a bigger index you can always check on free sites like NZBKing.

The categorization of NZB files by type and an easy-to-navigate search interface contribute to a user-friendly experience when locating the desired content. This meticulous approach to content indexing makes NZBPlanet not only comprehensive but also efficient for users seeking specific Usenet resources.


NZBPlanet’s exclusive members enjoy ad-free searching and flexible payment methods, including Bitcoin. Choose from various membership tiers to unlock a wealth of content and experience a streamlined, invite-only community.

Free$000200 days
VIP$9/yrUnlimited5,0002500 days
Platinum$24/yrUnlimited20,0002500 days
Love Us Long Time$80 (Lifetime)Unlimited20,0002500 days

If you don’t feel like paying, NZBForYou has you covered.


NZBPlanet provides support for its users primarily through an available contact form on their website, where questions or issues can be directly communicated to the support team.


Additionally, the site boasts an active forums page, allowing members to seek help from the community and discuss a breadth of topics, ensuring multiple avenues for assistance and information exchange. NZBPlanet isn’t just about the solo journey; it thrives on community support and forums.

Here, you can mingle with fellow Usenet aficionados, exchange tips, and seek help if you hit a snag. It’s a place where freedom isn’t just about the content you download but also about the supportive community you’re part of.

NZBPlanet Review | Secure Fast NZB Indexing Explored in 2024

Editor's Rating:


  • Invite-only ensures quality
  • 2 million+ NZBs
  • 2500-day retention
  • Automated 15-min indexes
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Advanced features for premium


  • No trial for new users
  • Free accounts have no NZBs/APIs
  • Invite-only can be restrictive

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NZBPlanet safeguard user data and payment information?

To ensure user anonymity and safeguard data, secure protocols such as SHA-1 SSL certificates are employed, alongside accepting Bitcoin, which enhances privacy in financial transactions. These measures prioritize user freedom and security.

Is membership or invite sharing allowed on NZBPlanet?

NZBPlanet’s membership policies are akin to exclusive keys, each unlocking private Usenet realms. Invite systems permit sharing access, yet transferring memberships is typically forbidden, safeguarding the community’s liberty-centric sanctuary.

How does NZBPlanet ensure NZB quality and safety, and are there community quality controls?

NZBPlanet implements a robust Quality Assurance process, with a Moderation Policy that involves community feedback to ensure the safety and reliability of NZB indexes, fostering a secure and free-sharing environment for users.

How does NZBPlanet manage takedown notices?

Sailing the Usenet seas requires lawful navigation. NZBPlanet actively moderates content, addressing takedown requests promptly, which sometimes results in the trimming of available NZB files to maintain compliance and uphold content legality.

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