Usenet.Farm, where flexibility meets privacy.

Discover packages tailored to your speed and data needs, with the added perk of account sharing.

While it’s not perfect, with some limitations compared to competitors, Usenet.Farm’s unique features like Bitcoin payments and a focus on anonymity make it a contender worth considering in the Usenet landscape.

Packages with Speed and Price

Usenet.Farm offers three main packages: ‘Stingy’ and ‘To the Max’ with monthly access and different speeds and data limits, and ‘Block’, a prepaid package with a large amount of data. These packages vary in speed, data limit, and the number of connections, with some packages also allowing account sharing.

Usenet.Farm Plans:

PlanPrice (Normal)SpeedAccount SharingData LimitConnections
Stingy€4.9512.5 MB/s (100 Mbits)No5TB (Fair-Use)40
To the Max€7.95UnlimitedYes10TB (Fair-Use)40

All features – Binary retention and SSL

Usenet.Farm distinguishes itself with a user-friendly approach, where customers do not have to go through complex registration processes; a simple email verification suffices to gain access. Additionally, they emphasize privacy and anonymity, storing minimal personal data and even offering the option to pay with Bitcoin for increased privacy.

Crypto payments are rare with these kind of providers, as can be seen in our SnelNL review.

Each Usenet.Farm package includes:

  • Text retention up to 3000 days
  • Binary retention unknown
  • SSL encryption
  • From 40 to 50 connections
  • Speeds ranging from 100 Mbit to unlimited

Usenet.Farm backbone(s)

Usenet.Farm uses its own proprietary Usenet.Farm backbone.

Provider data

AddressPostbus 4052, Hoorn, The Netherlands
E-mail address[email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Systems – PayPal
  • Coin Payments – Bitcoin

Experiences and reviews

Customers of Usenet.Farm are primarily satisfied with the flexible account options, such as the ‘To the Max’ and ‘Stingy’ accounts, which offer users customization options in terms of speed and data limits. They also appreciate the ability to share accounts, making Usenet.Farm a cost-effective option for both individual users and groups.

I recently posted an ExtremeUsenet review of a product that proved to be less efficient, earning a lower praise from the user community. On the other hand, some Usenet.Farm users also note that, while Usenet.Farm offers a text retention of 3000 days, binary retention is unknown, which raises serious doubts.

Moreover, the lack of special offers or discount coupons is sometimes seen as a disadvantage, despite the generally good value for money of the service.

On Trustpilot, Usenet Farm has complaints about not responding to support tickets and double billing, leading to accusations of scamming. In comparison, according to our UsenetDiscounter review, their customer service performs well.

Pros Usenet.Farm

  • Adjustable speed and data limits
  • Option for account sharing
  • Accepts Bitcoin, offering additional privacy
  • Offers a free trial of 10 GB
  • 40 – 50 connections

Cons Usenet.Farm

  • Binary retention unknown, causing doubts
  • Fair use policy limits speed after reaching certain data limits
  • Limited additional features compared to some other top Usenet providers
  • Complaints about customer service
  • Insufficient information available on their website

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By Jerone Jones

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