SnelNL offers Usenet plans up to 1000 Mbit with unlimited downloads. Note some limits on retention and payment. Check if it meets your needs.

Packages with Speed and Price

SnelNL has ‘Slow’ (5 Mbit), ‘Basic’ (60 Mbit), and ‘Fast’ (1000 Mbit) Usenet plans with unlimited downloads and special software.

SnelNL Plans:

PlanDownload SpeedConnectionsPrice per MonthPrice per Year
Slow5 Mbit3€ 3.95€ 47.40
Basic60 Mbit8€ 6.95€ 83.40
Fast1000 Mbit20€ 8.95€ 107.40
Including Streaming Usenet and unlimited downloads

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All features – Binary retention and SSL

SnelNL’s Usenet plans range from 5 to 1000 Mbit, all with unlimited downloads and exclusive software for a tailored experience.

Each UsenetBucket package includes:

  • Binary retention up to 1238 days
  • SSL encryption
  • From 3 to 20 connections
  • Speeds ranging from 5 Mbit to 1000 Mbit

SnelNL backbone(s)

SnelNL uses the HW Media backbone.

Provider data

NameSuperStream B.V. (SnelNL)
AddressE-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Willemstad, Curacao
E-mail address[email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards – MasterCard, Visa, AMEX
  • Payment Systems – iDeal, PayPal, Discover, BankTansfer, Bankcontact
  • Coin Payments – none

Experiences and reviews

According to testimonials on Kiyoh, customers of SnelNL particularly appreciate the user-friendly streaming newsreader, which offers a seamless experience by streaming while downloading. Satisfaction is also enhanced by the flexible subscription options, with a choice of different speeds and price ranges, meeting the needs of various users.

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Pros SnelNL:

  • User-friendly streaming newsreader
  • Flexible subscription options
  • High speed in the top-tier package

Cons SnelNL:

  • Low retention of 1238 days for binaries
  • Price
  • No free trial version
  • No crypto currency payment options
  • No customer reviews on Trustpilot

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