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NZBMatrix voluntary shut down today. Sadly it was one of the best NZB sites which has now reached the end. Usenet is increasingly under attack by MPAA / RIAA and other mafiosi lobby groups.nzb sites

To cheer everyone up a bit, here is a list of NZBMatrix alternatives.

NZB sites list:

Lately many NZB sites went offline, while many new popped up. Below is a new list of all working and active NZB sites. This list is being updated, watch out for new ones. Thanks to all who posted suggestions in the comments, keep them coming!
Last update: 13-7-2016 (Spotweb) (Tip!) (shutdown) (Spotweb)

1) – Closed !

– based on Spotnet (Dutch), controlled NZBs divided in categories
– advanced search options

– no SABnzbd support
– only in Dutch


– biggest NZB index database
– SABnzbd support

– shows lot’s of spam and other crap if you don’t use the right keywords


– better SABnzbd implantation than
– better search filter
– spam filter

– shows lot’s of spam and other crap if you don’t use the right keywords

4) – Closed !

– controlled NZBs divided in categories
– easy-view
– SABnzbd support
– RSS feeds

– less content compared to others
– not 100% free

And all the other NZB sites which you should review by your self.

In my experience Spotweb is the best NZBMatrix alternative. Thanks to the strong community, you can read and reply to comments concerning a certain release. If you can’t find it on Spotweb, your best chances finding it are on en If you prefer using an application instead of site, check out Spotnet or Spotlite.

There are many other NZB sites but I just mentioned the ones I used.
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Please share this page on Facebook, Twitter etc. if you like it. Leave any worthwhile NZB sites in the comments. Cheers!

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 Usenet

42 comments on “NZB search engine sites for Usenet

  1. mark edwards on said:

    Many Thanks. Just what I was looking for in these sad times :)

  2. Like the list spotnet looks perfect but only dutch doh think I will pray there is something else not on your list :)

  3. Itonic on said:

    guys, thought id whip together a community indexer site running using newznab.
    I have decided to do registration in stages of 100 users and see how it goes.
    Its currently backfilling at the moment so theres not a great deal indexed yet but hopefully its just a matter of time. i aiming for 420 usenet sites with 350 days retention (havent got a clue how much GB that will take so a bit trial and error at the moment or whether my server is man enough)

    Let me know your thoughts!

  4. mickster on said:

    I’d be interested in an invite please.

  5. torrent on said:

    Really pity for usenet, I can say only “Up to torrents!”

  6. NZB Finder on said:

    You could give NZB Finder a go. This works perfectly with Sickbeard and Couchpotato to auto download.

    Updated every 5 minutes.

  7. Tony Stamp on said:

    I’ve been using , has an API as well as phpBB forums

  8. Hey any good sites that are compaitble with android’s powernzb? Nzbmatrix was flawless with it.

  9. There is Was a private site, now opened its doors to the community.

  10. They’ve closed now, too.

  11. Timo on said:

    +1 for as the new NZB index of choice.
    Currently open signups.

  12. my favorite i have found so far is

  13. Very good nzb indexing site no invatation needed check it out

  14. is the best nzb site I have used so far no invitation needed check it out

  15. – new nzb indexer open for new registrations. Sab/Sick/Head/Couch integration. Come along and join us!

  16. Brigitte on said:

    Another site which I can recommend is.

  17. drewbocop on said:

    Better suggestions in the comments than the article itself. :)

    If this GetNZB application is legit, it seems amazing. I’m downloading at 10x the speed I normally get. WTF! Hope I’m not injecting some BS into my PC. Anyone know about this executable? Not a lot of info available…

  18. MrJones on said:

    I’m missing the new which is the best alternative I have found.

  19. hi is the next best site to the matrix

  20. found the otherday, very impressed!! search seems very fast and heaps of content, it was a bit light on content when i first got on but i am able to find most stuff now.

  21. for your list…

  22. I also have been enjoying:

  23. This site is awsome and they now open to registrations.

  24. Spammedfish on said:

    You could try currently open invite until 1st March. Another Newznab site.

  25. Hugo on said:

    Ended up useing clean user interface. Works with sabnzbd and sickbeard.

  26. JohnnyBoy on said: It’s pretty serious. Free Public indexer, meh, ok. Certainly as good as those you pay VIP for to get extra downloads. Private VIP indexer, mind blowing!! Awesome community, which I think is everything the Matrix had going for it. Check out the forums which is your first port of call.

  27. Power Cords on said:

    Oh good. Nice to see list of alternatives. Which one is the best according to you @admin?

  28. frances on said: is my favorite out of about 10 that I had tried, it updates the fastest, and has some features that no others have.

  29. nzbid on said:

    You can use the indexer It works without registration and limits.

  30. Charr on said:

    Most of these won’t allow sickbeard to be used, since they have a request limit and after just a few attempts, they refuse api authentication permanently thereafter. Mine is only set to search every 30mins and yet this it seems is not allowed.

    Does anyone have some reliable ones I can add?
    I’ve tried most of these with the same inevitable result. They work for a short time, then just fail.

    • SmackDown on said: allows integration with sickbeard, couchpotato, and headphones via API. You just need to use it as a secure connection.. SSL /

  31. Just Stopping By on said:

    I must say was quite amazing. I think it’s my favorite was nice, but very slow to browse. is a minimum $10 and isn’t worth it the way things stand today.

  32. mikesafl on said:
    nzbhangout we are a new site with free registration
    Come check us out and hangout with us!!!

  33. You can try . It was lots of content and some great themes to. Its totally open and with full API and Sick-beard and Couch Potato support.

  34. on said: features:

    Free, for now everyone can register, (this could change in the near future)
    It’s fast and the index is updated every 30 min’s
    Customizable filter system from within the system.
    Posting of comments and spots.
    Showing and filtering on new spots since the last view.
    Easy to download multiple files.
    Rating of spots.
    Integration with Sick beard and CouchPotato as a ‘newznab’ provider.
    Both central as user-specific blacklist support built-in.
    Spam reporting.
    Easy layout customization by providing custom CSS.
    Boxcar/Growl/Notify My Android/Notify/Prowl and Twitter integration.
    Spot statistics on your system.
    Sabnzbd and nzbget integration.

    Great site, free registration, Go check this one out!

  35. marco on said: (newznab site)

  36. PirateNZB on said:

    PirateNZB – NZB Indexer

    Free User account limited to 5 downloads per day and 2 API hits
    Automated VIP upgrade for £5 GBP per year or £15 GBP per lifetime (Bitcoin or PayPal)
    Enforced SSL for site browsing
    1500 days backfill and indexing 192 groups
    Previews TV, Movies, XXX and Audio for VIP members
    VIP members allowed 1000 downloads per day and 5000 API hits
    Fake and Passworded releases automatically removed
    16 CPU Cores and over 24GB of RAM used to index Usenet
    Using the nZEDb platform

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