And finally.. some news

It’s been exactly 1 year ago since my last post, so I thought it’s time to write something. You might have noticed that I wasn’t busy with the site. Today is also the day that ShareConnector turned 7. I’m amazed that it’s already been so long since it’s existence. I know this site has become a boring place, so I’ve been thinking what to do with it. Recently I changed the look and feel but I can’t say it’s 100% finished yet, so I’ll tweak some things here and there. Anyway, the idea is to make ShareConnector an useful and helpful place.

Status update and blog back online!

Now, I just heard that BREIN is not demanded to start a standard procedure within 6 months. They seem to be happy with the decision, although what they really hoped and said is that we are breaching copyrights. So at this point we don’t know if they are planning this procedure at all in the future. If this doesn’t happen, it means we will never have the chance again to change the outcome and therefor ShareConnector should have to remain offline. Unless we go for an appeal, which is exactly what we did since that would be our last chance to make a difference.

The never ending story of BREIN versus the common (file sharing) people, Part 4.

The court in Rotterdam last Tuesday have mainly cleared the five crew members of the websites Releases4U and ShareConnector, and there host (Mindlab) of copyright infringement, piracy on a large scale and membership of an criminal organization. The DOJ public prosecutor Mrs. A. Drogt had just two weeks ago demanded a fine of 5000 euro and 6 months conditional in jail to all defendants.

Judge Mr. van Klaveren considered the following facts NOT proved:

The never ending story of BREIN versus the common (file sharing) people, Part 3.

After the demonstration of Ithaca the defendant Mufasa had to answer the questions of the judge. Mufasa however had (as he said) not really much to do with copyright infringement, he was just taking care of the financial part of the website R4U. He was paying the bills and took care of the sponsored money which was used to pay hosting Releases4U. According to the defendant the income mostly was not enough to play even, so the crew was paying the shortcomings from there own pocket.

The never ending story of BREIN versus the common (file sharing) people, Part 2.

After Adi had finished his presentation it was (R4U) Xarenion’s turn to take the stand. The judge asked him some questions and Xarenion answered them. At some points his answers seemed very different from the answers he gave on the same questions during his interrogation at his arrest in 2004 is what the judge said. But Xarenion said he just told the detectives what they wanted to hear so he could be home as soon as possible because Christmas was just a few days ahead. The interrogation was considerably aggressive and intimidating he said. Not a very smart thing to do, but considering Xarenion was almost 16 years of age when he got busted i understand he played along with the detectives so he hopefully could be with his family for Christmas instead of in a police cell.

The never ending story of BREIN versus the common (file sharing) people, part 1.

Because i reported on my website (in Dutch) about the trial of Adi and the crew of R4U against the Dutch state. I presumed to take it from there and translate it to English so you guys can follow the case from that day on. I will be updating, writing new articles about the ongoing trial, and every now and then write about new developments in my own case, updates, news and tutorials in ED2K and P2P technology. Well lets go and spread the word and start the journey to the unknown.