Thinking about trying FreeDiscussions? Let’s get real about what users are saying.

We’re diving into the nitty-gritty of their service – from the highs of quick customer responses to the lows of contract woes.

This isn’t just another sugar-coated review; it’s the full picture.

Packages with Speed and Price

When it comes to choosing a package, speed and price are the dealbreakers, aren’t they? Let’s quickly look at what’s available and how they compare. View the table below for detailed information about the packages that let you stay connected without straining your wallet.

PlanHigh-Speed Data Volume2 Mbps Data VolumeMonthly Costs
Starter35 GB600 GB€13.99
Flex35 GB600 GB€8.33
Expert70 GB600 GB€9.83
Master140 GB600 GB€14.99

All features – Binary retention and SSL

FreeDiscussions does not show what their (binary) retention is. They offer SSL encryption in all their packages, providing users with reliable performance and secure access at competitive prices. They alleviate concerns about SSL security and even offer alternative newsreaders.

The UsenetExpress reviews show that they also have SSL encryption and a published retention of 4000+ days.

Each FreeDiscussions package includes:

  • Binary retention – not shown publicly
  • SSL encryption
  • Connections – not shown publicly
  • Speeds ranging from 2 Mbit to ‘high speed’ (not specified)

Provider data

NameFreeDiscussions S.r.l.
AddressPiazza Enrico Enriquez 22, Dogana, San Marino
E-mail address[email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards – MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
  • Payment Systems – iDeal, Paypal.
  • Coin Payments – none

Experiences and reviews

On the Trustpilot page of FreeDiscussions S.r.l., customer reviews are mixed, with an overall score of 3.8 out of 49 reviews. The majority of the reviews (72%) are 5-star, while there is also a significant number of 1-star reviews (22%). The main points from these reviews are:

  1. Positive Aspects: Many customers appreciate the service and find it reliable and convenient. Some specifically mention the fast and adequate response of customer service to problems.
  2. Problems with Contract Cancellation and Subscription: A number of customers report having problems with cancelling their contracts or subscriptions. They describe difficulties in terminating the service and unwanted extensions of subscriptions.
  3. Complaints about Customer Service: There are complaints about customer service, with some customers indicating that their questions or problems were not adequately addressed, or they were dissatisfied with how their issues were handled.
  4. Accusations of Fraud: A few customers accuse FreeDiscussions of fraud, particularly regarding subscription renewals and charging fees after the free trial period.

Despite some positive reviews, the negative experiences, especially regarding contract cancellation, subscription management, and customer service, seem to have a significant impact on the overall perception of FreeDiscussions S.r.l. among some of the customers. This is something you can see in the 5EuroUsenet review as well.

Pros FreeDiscussions:

  • They respond quickly to negative comments.
  • They are committed to openness and honesty.

Cons FreeDiscussions:

  • No retention policy mentioned on the website.
  • Unclear what the speed of the high-speed data volume packages is.
  • Complaints about customer service.
  • Negative customer experiences with contract cancellation and subscription management.

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By Jerone Jones

Jerone JonesEditor
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