Not everyone searches and downloads from Usenet the same way. There are alternative NZB websites such as NZBServer. Most of them cost money to fully use.

Here we review the best NZB Usenet search engines & NZB sites.

NZB search

What is NZB?

NZB search or search engines are to Usenet what Google is to the Internet.

NZB facilitates the search and download of Usenet content. An NZB file is similar to a torrent file.

There are roughly two ways to download NZBs: Through NZB search engines (crawlers) and NZB sites.

Editor Tips

  • Most NZB sites have annual subscriptions. So you have to pay extra for them, in addition to your Usenet subscription.
  • Some have a limited trial. Often setups with apps like Sonarr and Radarr are not allowed.
  • Easynews is the most precise Usenet search engine, fast newsreader & one of the best pay servers.
  • The easiest way to download & stream unlimited with the highest retention on your mobile and desktop.
  • Plus an Exclusive 75% lifetime discount and Free Zero-Log VPN.

By the way, if you want to download or stream ad-free video’s, than also read how to block ads on YouTube app for iPhone.

NZB online search engines allow finding content on Usenet from your browser. If you know how to search, you can find more here than on NZB sites. You do have to watch out for viruses and malware, but at least you won’t have to deal with Google censorship.


Best NZB Indexers / Search Engines

#IndexerNewsgroupsRetention daysVisit
1Easynews110 0004 512+Visit site
2NZB King3 7504 000+Visit site
3NZB Index900+1900Visit site
4Binsearch3 000+1 100Visit site

1. Easynews

An all-in-one: Usenet search engine, newsreader & news server. Want to download from Usenet newsgroups with the largest selection and highest retention from your browser? Then Easynews is the best choice.

Files such as audio and video are downloaded completely and instantly without NZB and newsreaders. This means you don’t have to verify and unpack anything – great for mobile use.

You get the most accurate search results. Moreover, the advanced filters are easy to use.

  • Web-based Usenet search
  • No NZB software/Usenet reader required
  • Mobile use
  • Search results with thumbnail previews
  • Blazingly fast servers with the highest retention
  • Exclusive 75% lifetime discount
  • Free Zero-Log VPN
  • Free Usenet trial
  • No iDEAL/Bitcoin payments
EasyNews screenshot mobile
EasyNews screenshot desktop

2. NZBKing

A fast and good Usenet indexing service. You do not need to register. In the advanced search option, you can filter by file type and sort by date, file size, and Magic (most relevant).

Ideal for NZB searching (find NZB) and NZB file extracting.

  • No registration
  • Free
  • High retention
  • Advanced NZB index search
  • NZB download program needed

3. NZBIndex

Superfast advanced Dutch NZB indexer. You can search many newsgroups directly, without registering. There is a Dutch and English version. So you spot NZB even easier.

In the advanced search function, you have many filter options. You can e.g. search only in certain NZB file groups, specify the minimum and maximum age and size or use the sort function.

  • Dutch
  • Free
  • User friendly
  • Good SAB nzbd implementation
  • Large NZB database
  • Frequently offline
  • Lots of spam in search results
  • NZB downloader needed

4. Binsearch (Binary Usenet Search Engine)

Binsearch NZB is one of the most famous Usenet NZB search sites in the NZB world. You do not have to register. You can filter on age of the NZB posts. Furthermore, you have two choices: How many results per page and search in the most popular or the other groups.

  • Quick Search
  • Free
  • Easy interface without unnecessary features
  • Largest NZB index database
  • SABnzbd support
  • NZB downloader needed

NZB Sites (NZB Web)

On these kinds of NZB download sites (like NZBGeek), you will find verified NZB files divided into categories. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for and prevents malware and viruses.

The disadvantage is that these categories are classified and updated manually, by humans. So it is not always complete and it varies from one NZB site to another.

Since there are always NZB sites going down / offline, below is an online NZB-sites top 10 (random order).

nzbserver fedora 2

If you know of any worthy sites or ones that no longer work, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Last update: 16-12-2021

NZB Forums / Community

Forums create a kind of community where members can share NZBs and make requests. Often, an NZB forum is also just a pleasant place to chat. You also get support from the group if, for example, you do not know how to open an NZB file.

Below are reviews of sites that are working and sites that are no longer working.

NZBGet Forum

International NZB Communities / Dutch NZB Forums

Registration is required with all NZB communities listed below.

Dutch NZB Communities / Dutch NZB Forums

Registration is required with all NZB communities listed below.


Offline NZB communities / forums


NZB Downloaders

To download the found content you need an NZB client (downloader), such as Spotnet or Newsbin. For Android, NZB Leech is a popular option.

NZBGet works well on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, and even Android.

Almost all good newsreaders support the NZB file format (.nzb) and binaries for an optimal Usenet experience.

If you want to get the oldest NZB spots, use one of the pay servers with the highest retention. Missing articles? Try Usenet for free and find out which free Usenet server is best for you.

Tip! The best way to download NZBs is with a good news server.

QoQ which provided Dutch subtitles for movies and series for many years, unfortunately, stopped in 2018.

NZB Spotweb sites like (a kind of web-based Spotnet) are among the best. If you choose a community, you can often read comments from fellow users about particular Usenet download spots.

NZB search engines and websites are good alternatives to Spotnet Classic or the lighter version, Spotlite. Binaries search is possible with most.

If you can’t find something, your best bet is an NZB index site,, or By the way, Spotlite has NZB buttons and works on multiple operating systems (Spotlite Mac, Linux, Windows).

Download NZBs with SABnzbd and NZBMatrix

When you use SABnzbd, NZB downloading becomes even easier. You only have to click once on the SABnzbd icon of a file on one of the supported NZB[1] download sites.

After you have installed and configured SABnzbd, you need to install the SABConnect++ for Chrome. That filename you search for on index sites like, where thanks to the browser extension you send it to SABnzbd with one click.

With NZBMatrix, it looks like this:

nzb download

On the far left are the yellow “SAB” icons. The same icons also appear on sites like and Bin Search. It couldn’t be easier.


How do I find NZB files?

You can find NZB files with NZB search or an all-around Usenet provider like Easynews.

What is NZB search?

NZB search is a Usenet search engine. You can compare it with Google being an internet search engine.

How do I search Usenet for free?

You can search Usenet for free using free Usenet indexing services like NZBKing, NZBIndex, or Binsearch. However, you’ll still need a paid downloader like Newshosting.

Are NZB files illegal?

NZB files are not illegal when they contain legal content. Usenet is not illegal but can be used illegally. So, remember, you are responsible for only downloading legal content (or uploading).


  1. guys, thought id whip together a community indexer site running using newznab.
    I have decided to do registration in stages of 100 users and see how it goes.
    Its currently backfilling at the moment so theres not a great deal indexed yet but hopefully its just a matter of time. i aiming for 420 usenet sites with 350 days retention (havent got a clue how much GB that will take so a bit trial and error at the moment or whether my server is man enough)

    Let me know your thoughts!

  2. Better suggestions in the comments than the article itself. :)

    If this GetNZB application is legit, it seems amazing. I\’m downloading at 10x the speed I normally get. WTF! Hope I\’m not injecting some BS into my PC. Anyone know about this executable? Not a lot of info available…

  3. It\’s pretty serious. Free Public indexer, meh, ok. Certainly as good as those you pay VIP for to get extra downloads. Private VIP indexer, mind blowing!! Awesome community, which I think is everything the Matrix had going for it. Check out the forums which is your first port of call.

  4. Most of these won\’t allow sickbeard to be used, since they have a request limit and after just a few attempts, they refuse api authentication permanently thereafter. Mine is only set to search every 30mins and yet this it seems is not allowed.

    Does anyone have some reliable ones I can add?
    I\’ve tried most of these with the same inevitable result. They work for a short time, then just fail.

  5. I must say was quite amazing. I think it\’s my favorite was nice, but very slow to browse. is a minimum $10 and isn\’t worth it the way things stand today.

  6. features:

    Free, for now everyone can register, (this could change in the near future)
    It\’s fast and the index is updated every 30 min\’s
    Customizable filter system from within the system.
    Posting of comments and spots.
    Showing and filtering on new spots since the last view.
    Easy to download multiple files.
    Rating of spots.
    Integration with Sick beard and CouchPotato as a \’newznab\’ provider.
    Both central as user-specific blacklist support built-in.
    Spam reporting.
    Easy layout customization by providing custom CSS.
    Boxcar/Growl/Notify My Android/Notify/Prowl and Twitter integration.
    Spot statistics on your system.
    Sabnzbd and nzbget integration.

    Great site, free registration, Go check this one out!

  7. PirateNZB – NZB Indexer

    Free User account limited to 5 downloads per day and 2 API hits
    Automated VIP upgrade for £5 GBP per year or £15 GBP per lifetime (Bitcoin or PayPal)
    Enforced SSL for site browsing
    1500 days backfill and indexing 192 groups
    Previews TV, Movies, XXX and Audio for VIP members
    VIP members allowed 1000 downloads per day and 5000 API hits
    Fake and Passworded releases automatically removed
    16 CPU Cores and over 24GB of RAM used to index Usenet
    Using the nZEDb platform

  8. NZBstars appears to be down now. and seem OK and could take its place in the list.

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