Discover the versatility of XS Usenet’s offerings, catering to every Usenet user’s need with packages like ‘The Fast Lane’ and ‘The Diplomat.’

While enjoying the benefits of extensive package options and secure SSL encryption, users should be aware of the mixed customer feedback regarding support and technical reliability.

XS Usenet strikes a balance between offering diverse, high-speed plans and the challenges of a low retention period and customer service responsiveness.

Packages with Speed and Price

XS Usenet offers a variety of packages, including ‘The Fast Lane’ for €4.99 per month with 100Mbit speed and ‘The Diplomat’ for €7.99 per month with unlimited speed. Each package includes 1100 days of retention, SSL encryption, and the ability to post. StingyUsenet is a great alternative.

Here is a table with the key details:

Package NamePrice per MonthSpeedConnectionsData
Free Trial (7 days)FreeUnlimited50Unlimited
The Fast Lane€4.99100Mbit20Unlimited*
The Diplomat€7.99Unlimited50Unlimited*
The Professional (incl. VPN)€10.99Unlimited50Unlimited*
*Note: Speed is limited to 40Mbit if more than 5TB of data is used in a month.

All features – Binary retention and SSL

XS Usenet offers a low retention period of over 1100 days but supports SSL encryption in all their packages, ensuring increased security and privacy. For higher retention check SunnyUsenet. Additionally, they provide fast support through multilingual staff, with package options that offer unlimited speed and data, and the ability to add a VPN for extra security.

Each XS Usenet package includes:

  • Binary retention up to 1100+ days
  • SSL encryption
  • From 20 up to 50 connections
  • Speeds ranging from 100 Mbit to unlimited

XS Usenet backbone(s)

XS Usenet uses the Abavia / HW Media backbone.

Provider data

NameXS Usenet
AddressJan Pietersz. Coenstraat 7, The Hague, The Netherlands
E-mail support

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards – MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover
  • Payment Systems – PayPal, SOFORT, GiroPay, Bancontact, PaySafeCard,
  • Coin Payments – BitPay

Experiences and reviews

Customers of XS Usenet report mixed experiences on Trustpilot, with some praising the quality of the free Usenet service (discontinued since 2023) and its reliability. They particularly appreciate the consistent access and reasonable speed for a free service. As an alternative, you can consider Vipernews.

However, other customers express frustration with customer service and technical issues, such as lack of responses to support tickets and payment problems. These negative experiences range from unanswered emails and support requests to technical malfunctions and unexplained account deactivations.

Pros XS Usenet

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Package with unlimited data and speed
  • Number of connections
  • Payment options including crypto

Cons XS Usenet

  • Poor or no response to customer service requests
  • Technical issues and unexplained account deactivations
  • Low retention of 1100 days

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