BulkNews, where fast and secure access meets a variety of account options to suit your needs.

From Flat to Block Accounts, discover tailored speeds and data limits with the flexibility you desire.

While BulkNews shines with its diverse offerings and attractive promotions, note its lower retention period compared to some competitors, a factor worth considering in your Usenet journey.

Packages with Speed and Price

BulkNews offers various Usenet packages, including Flat Accounts with different speeds and Block Accounts with different amounts of data, with unlimited speed and 30 connections.

Flat Accounts:

Bulk 55 Mbit€2.258
Bulk 1010 Mbit€3.5010
Bulk 2020 Mbit€4.5010
Bulk 3030 Mbit€5.0020
Bulk 5050 Mbit€4.1620
Bulk 100100 Mbit€7.0030
Bulk 150150 Mbit€10.0030
Bulk UNLIMITEDUnlimited€16.5040
Unlimited downloads

Block Accounts:

DataPriceConnectionsData limit GB
TrialFree3010 GB
Block 5€ 1,50305 GB
Block 20€ 5,003020 GB
Block 100€ 15,0030100 GB
Block 500€ 35,0030500 GB
Block 1000€ 60,00301000 GB
Block 2500€ 90,00302500 GB
Block 6000€ 140,00306000 GB
Unlimited speed

All features – Binary retention and SSL

BulkNews offers Flat Accounts with various speed options, ranging from 20 Mbit to unlimited, all with access to over 100,000 groups worldwide and a completeness of more than 99.9%. These accounts ensure maximum performance of the chosen package speed, allowing users to enjoy fast and reliable Usenet access.

The Block Accounts from BulkNews offer flexible data options from 5 GB to 6000 GB, with unlimited speed and 30 connections, ideal for users looking for specific amounts of data without long-term commitments.

Each BulkNews package includes:

  • Binary retention up to 2800+ days
  • SSL encryption
  • From 8 to 40 connections
  • Speeds ranging from 5 Mbit to unlimited

Bulknews backbone(s)

Bulknews uses the Abavia / HW Media backbone, the same backbone as CheapNews.

Provider data

AddressMarkerkant 13 18, Almere, The Netherlands
E-mail address[email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Systems – PaySafeCard, iDeal, Giropay, Mister Cash, Sofort
  • Coin Payments – Bitcoin

Experiences and reviews

Customers of BulkNews particularly appreciate the fast and secure Usenet access that the provider offers. They are also satisfied with the freedom to choose between different types of accounts, including block and flat accounts, which meet their specific needs.

XS Usenet is an alternative way to connect with a community of like-minded individuals and share knowledge and ideas on various topics. Many users are excited, on Trustburn, about the attractive promotions and discount codes that BulkNews occasionally offers, making the service even more appealing.

However, some note that the retention period of 2800 days, although reasonable, is not as high as with some other top Usenet providers. But better as NewsGrabber.

Pros BulkNews

  • Offers fast and secure Usenet access
  • Choice between different accounts (block and flat accounts)
  • Support for various payment methods, including Bitcoin

Cons BulkNews

  • Rather low retention period of 2800 days
  • No extras included
  • Unlimited speed and data is expensive
  • No customer reviews on Trustpilot

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By Jerone Jones

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